Valentine’s Day & Multnomah’s 75th Birthday

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Many of you know that February 14th, 1936 was the day that Rev. John G. Mitchell gathered a group of ministers who collectively decided to start a school that would teach the Truth of God's Word in the Pacific Northwest. And the following Fall 1936 semester saw Multnomah School of the Bible's first class of students.

Not Just Valentine's Day

A 75th anniversary is a big deal - at least we think so. It's referred to as the "Diamond Anniversary". Multnomah has a whole slate of items set for celebration for the entire coming year - so stay tuned for more details as they come up.

A monthly budget and activity report from 1939...
This would have been around the time of our first graduating class

But Still, It's Valentine's Day

And since we're an educational institution, we'd like you to be educated about the supposed origins of the "holiday" we've linked to a very brief podcast about it. It's called the "Academic Minute" and the history lesson comes from Dr. Dyron Daughrity of Pepperdine University.


Happy Anniversary...on Valentine's Day! (but not in a romantic way)

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