Blazers vs. Celtics

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Thousands of people roaring, lights flashing, and the smell of fast food was in the air as we all sat at the edge of our seats – eyes glued to the moves of our favored team members that would determine the win. Surrounded by 80 or so Multnomah alumni and students, I sat in my seat both stunned and fascinated. My first Blazers game! The crowd was a smattering of Christmas colors as Blazers' red warred against the Celtics' green. It was neck-and-neck until the fourth quarter when the Boston Celtics pulled ahead for the win. Even though most of us were rooting for the Blazers, a great time was had by all. Especially by Scott Lindsley and his father who had won suite tickets of over 350 dollars in value to watch the game.

Lindsley commented that,

“As a lifelong Blazers fan, I was very excited for the opportunity, not only to be at the arena for a game, but also to spend an evening with my father, from whom I gained my love for the Blazers. We both had a great time that evening. We met some wonderful people sharing the suite with us, ate great food, and had an amazing view of the game. My father was thrilled! The only thing that could have made the evening better is if Portland could have made the win. My father and I are both very grateful for the fun evening. Thank you, Multnomah.”

This year, we also had the privilege of sitting courtside as the players warmed up and we even got to meet them before the game. Even though we were beaten 88-78, we saw firsthand the practice and sweaty determination it took to win.

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Haha, I was at that game too! I wanted Blazers to win, but oh well. Celtics are my son’s favorite team so at least he was happy that night – lol!