Small-town Pastor for 25 years – Alumni Spotlight

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Paul and Jan (Martin) Glazner

(BA ‘79) (AA ‘81)

Fellow Alumni and Family in the Lord:

Surely the lines have fallen to us in pleasant places! We arrived in Sutherlin in 1986 (where has the time gone?), full of expectancy and energy – well, Paul had energy and I was moving with a 2 year old and a 4 month old! We prayed that God would do something far bigger than we could do ourselves – something that was clearly His and for His glory, not just what we might be able to accomplish on our own. We knew God's call so clearly, and answered as a young couple, 29 and 26, stepping out in faith.  SFC was a small church of about 40 people, and we fell in love with them, as well as this rural area. The church was small enough that Paul was the senior pastor and the youth pastor, and we did worship and office work together. We remember with gratitude all the stages of change we have been through here, in the church and in our own growth and maturity! The benefits of long-term ministry have been richer than we could have dreamed, and a reward for some difficult times in our lives. At times, we feel we are just along for the ride, and as we get to participate generationally in thousands of life stories in this area, we feel like the richest people we know!

Ride Of A Lifetime

Little did we dream that we would have the privilege of serving here for long-term ministry, fully 25 years now! It has been the ride of a lifetime and we are fully invested here. God has put together a wonderful church staff, and we are immersed in multiple services with many ministry opportunities. The most recent addition is the Celebrate Recovery Ministry, and we are exploring ‘multi-site’ strategy as our next step. We have been able to lead our church into some firsthand exposure to missions. Paul has traveled to Cambodia (our adopted unreached Krung people group) and to India, and together we led trips to Mexico every year our girls lived at home. We have even been to Israel twice and are planning to lead another trip! These privileges were beyond what we could have imagined when we envisioned life in ministry.

It’s been the best trip, though, to walk with God through the ups and downs of life in ministry. There are difficult times, times where by His grace alone we are able to say that His yoke is easy and his burden is light. What a privilege to spread the love of God to a hurting world, embracing them in ways that reflect God’s extravagant gestures to us. We anticipate staying here and finishing whatever course God has for us in Sutherlin.

“Blessed are the available….Deliriously joyful are the ones who believe that if God has used sticks and rocks to do His will, then He can use us.” Max Lucado

Meet the Authors

Paul and Jan met doing youth ministry for Christian Service at Multnomah Bible College in 1978. Paul graduated in 1979 and became the youth pastor at Grace Baptist in Lynden, Washington. Jan graduated in 1981 and moved up to Lynden to work in youth ministry at the same church. They were married in 1982 and have three daughters – Megan is 27 (finishing mathematical science studies), Jodi is 25 (a nurse at Oregon Health Sciences University), and Ronda is 22 (Senior Alumni Coordinator, MU). In 1986, Paul and Jan moved to Sutherlin, Oregon, about three hours south of Portland, where they have been ever since.

Paul is the Speaking and Assimilation Pastor at Sutherlin Family Church, a non-denominational church of about 800. He enjoys fishing, sports, reading, and lapidary. Jan is employed part-time as an office manager in a local business. She is involved in ministry, and in her spare time loves to swim, scrapbook, and read.

If you know them, and are interested in reconnecting, they would be honored! Contact us at and we will get your information to them.

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