Chapel Highlights Legacy Day

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Celebrating the Legacy!

On Monday February 28, 2011, we will celebrate a day dedicated to bringing awareness to students about the part they play in continuing the Multnomah Legacy. Many students who are currently enrolled at Multnomah do not realize that 20% of their tuition is paid for by the generosity of our alumni and donors. We highlight this day as a special time for students to recognize that someday they too will be alumni and will have the opportunity to help continue the Multnomah Legacy. This investment will enable future students, much like they themselves are now, to be able to come to a life-transforming school such as Multnomah. And so the legacy lives on as we are unified in our desire to reach out and change the world together.

New Finanical Aid

Also, something new and exciting this fall is an opportunity we have to offer new scholarships. For several years, alumni have been asking if there is a scholarship for the children of alumni or for the children of alumni who are full-time missionaries and pastors. We are now excited to be able to say Yes! We are also excited to be able to award scholarships to students for academic merit, to transfer students, and even offer awards for AWANA citations. This new structure  will enable a greater variety of students who are  eligible to receive a mix of merit and need based aid.

To learn more, please visit our college tuition finanical aid website or to find out how you can continue to be a part of the ongoing legacy of Multnomah through your giving, please contact

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