Dr. Dan Video – Alumni, Scholarships, and Your Legacy

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This spring, we will be hosting an event here on campus called the Student Aid Banquet where we will be celebrating what God has done and is doing in the lives of our students. We will have students give their testimonies and describe how God brought them to Multnomah and tell about what He is doing in their individual lives.

The theme of this banquet is going to be "Fruit that Lasts," focusing on how the alumni members of a more mature generation have poured into the lives of current students and how those students will now move out into the world and impact others.

This fall, there will also be a number of exciting, new scholarships that we will be offering. One of them that is of particular interest to alumni goes to those students who are the children of a parent that has graduated from Multnomah.

I would encourage you to pray for us this month especially for this banquet that God would use friends and donors to support these new scholarships so that students can come study here at Multnomah.

Come be a part of the Fruit that Lasts!

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I am interested in attending this banquet since I will be in the PDX area on March 12. Please call me with any registration information.