Multnomah Commits To 20 Days Of Prayer

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A Tradition of Prayer Has Begun!

Started by students on the Student World Outreach Team (SWOT), this event has been designed so that a student, staff, or faculty member is assigned to each hour of the day, 7 days a week for an entire month out of each semester (with spring break there are only 20 days). The students can sign up for as many hours as they wish, for individual prayer or prayer in small groups on the poster in the hallway next to the Joseph C. Aldrich Student Center. For this time of intentional prayer, the SWOT team encourages students to pray for missionaries, fellow students, and their ministries and dig deeper in their own walk.

SWOT member Noelle Schultz says, "Our desire is to create a month of prayer for students to set aside extra time throughout the month to rest in the Lord's presence. During the month of prayer, there is a peace-filled attitude around campus, as we focus on God together and seek to better align our hearts with what He wishes for us."

Campus of Prayer

In the Alumni Department, we have been affected by the hearts of these students! This last week, there was an entire chapel hour dedicated to the importance of prayer. Michelle Peel and I were surprised by the three students who came to pray for us and the efforts of our department during this time. We were both encouraged as we heard them pray for the tasks we are working on currently and the strength to get them done well.

What a unifying and exciting thought to know that for the next 20 days there will be someone here on campus at every hour of the day interceding and bringing praise into the presence of God. Almost all the prayer slots are filled and we are all looking forward to seeing what God will do in this time of prayer.

Do You Need Prayer?

You can request prayer anytime on our site using a secure form. We meet weekly to pray for these requests and would love to include you!

Request Prayer

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