He is Risen Indeed!

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Today is Good Friday, and Easter is this coming Sunday. How blessed we are to have both written into our calendar! Both generate a deepening of appreciation and praise to God for His provision of our salvation. We experience Christ’s love, which deepens our love for Him. Because of the cross and resurrection, we are able to experience His grace and know true forgiveness. What freedom! What joy! “We love Him because He first loved us.” It is His love that enables us to reach out to others.

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Hopeful Homeless

My co-worker and friend, Flo, and I received several phone calls this week. One was from a lady who is still suffering from childhood abuse. Another was from a homeless alcoholic who wants to break free from addiction and live for Jesus. Some people would call these cases helpless and hopeless. Because of our risen Lord, we know the helpless can be helped and the hopeless can be encouraged. If anyone is tempted to lose hope or lose heart, please remember that Jesus Christ gave His life for you. He is Risen indeed! He is alive forevermore! Don’t give up. Our Lord answers prayer and gives reason for hope. He strengthens our faith through the Word of God and even through the trials that we face. Today I literally burst out laughing — so blessed to see God strengthen someone whom the world calls hopeless. This homeless person needs some glasses, but doesn’t want to steal them now. Praise the Lord! He has a harmonica in his pocket, and a renewed hope in Jesus.

One doesn’t have to be homeless and on the street to know discouragement. We know many who have lost homes, jobs, friends, dignity, and hope. It has been such a joy to share the Gospel truth with them. Do you ever want to be involved in every ministry out there? You feel you don’t do enough? Or that you can’t reach to everyone you love and care about? You want to help any and all in your sphere of influence. If you are in your 70s like me, you sometimes have to stop and realize that you cannot do everything you aspire to do. It is time to listen to God! His resurrection power is still at work in lives. He uses His army of believers throughout the world. We are never alone in the work, and the work is never too small — when done in the name of Jesus! This Easter, be refreshed in Christ. Let us rest in His grace, and live in appreciation of Him!

Meet the Author

Doris Hagedorn has served under Arctic Missions/Inter Act Ministries since June of 1960 and retired from InterAct Ministries in 2009. After 27 years of village ministry, she and co-worker Florence Hicks moved to Wasilla, Alaska, where they have continued outreach to acquaintances of past years. Doris — remembering her struggle as a working student — has had a genuine soft spot for both students and alumni of Multnomah.

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3 comments “He is Risen Indeed!”

This Easter, be refreshed in Christ. Let us rest in His grace, and live in appreciation of Him!

You are correct when you say that the homeless and those who are addicted are looked at as hopeless. We as Christians are to be gentle and help those who have stumbled unless we ourselves stumble. Thanks for this post.

So good to hear that Flo and Doris are still active serving God. My wife and I had the privilege to live and work with them for a few weeks during the summer of ’79 when we were doing a short-term project in their village in Alaska. It is very encouraging to see how God is using them as they reach out to the “least of these” in our communities. Once each month I spend the evening at “Night Strike”, a ministry to the homeless of downtown Portland, OR. Serving brings joy!