Cultural Compasses – Chapel Highlight

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Eternity in the Hearts of Mankind

On the edge of my seat, I listened as Don Richardson spoke in our chapel about his and other missionaries' experiences in the field. Blood-thirsty tribes in the deep jungle of Indonesia. People that burn women alive in cast-divided India. Communistic China. What do these diverse cultures have in common?

What is a Cultural Compass?

Many cultures have what Richardson calls "cultural compasses" or clues that were embedded by God to bring mankind to an awareness of Himself. I sat fascinated as I learned how languages, artwork, and prophecies from centuries ago have paved the way for each of these diverse global cultures to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ today.

Don's Books

  • Peace Child
  • Eternity in Their Hearts
  • Lords of the Earth

The Chapel

  • Download the chapel (May 3, 2011)
  • [audio:]


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My first year at MU, I remember several late nights I spent reading in my dorm room. However, I wasn’t doing homework as I should have been! I was reading books like “Lords of the Earth” by Don Richardson. To this day it is one of my very favorite missionary stories. I have picked up extra copies when I find them at used book stores so that I can give it away when the opportunity presents itself.