It’s True. God Brings The Students.

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"I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times. We have to be faithful in our jobs, but it’s the Lord who recruits for us."

With the words above as her admonishment,  Admissions Counselor Lisa Hezmalhalch sent us an email with a word of encouragement via a blog post from a student who will be starting at Multnomah in the TESOL program this Fall semester.


The Lord has been changing my heart this past year.
Growing up in a christian home, going to church and following the Lord, I never wanted to go to a Christian College. I didn’t feel it was necessary or needed.
I was stuck. I was sick of school community college. I was ready to be called overseas, but felt like it was not my time. Things didn’t make sense, I knew I had purpose but I couldn’t feel God calling or leading me anywhere. I was standing. Standing still. Not moving.
It was several months ago driving home from Canada, I gave it to the Lord

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It's possible that some of you are stuck in-between knowing what you think you should do, but not feeling called. We know that this is often true of students who are still deciding on where to go for college or grad school. If that's you, maybe these words will encourage you.

Be sure to pray for all the potential students who are still deciding on their next move this summer.

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