6 comments “Handiwork And An MSB Banner Found”

Regarding the symbols: The lines in the middle is an open Bible. The dot below it along with the half circle at the bottom is a person [dot = head; 1/2 cirlce = arms] embracing the Word. Small dot and < 1/2 circle at top could be a represenation (somehow) of God. Perhaps a dove which = Holy Spirit.

That logo was around when I was at MSB in 1985

David, thanks for the tips – we did know some of that – but are hoping to find someone who knows the “official” explanation from 1980. I think your explanation is as close to the truth as we’ve been able to come thus far!

Oh what memories the banner picture brings back. I attened for one year in 82-83. I regret to this day not coming back after my illness and finishing my studies.
Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what else is found in some dark long forgotten corner.

Bruce, it’s never too late to finish! (You should look into our Adult Degree Completion program – would be perfect for folks in your position). http://www.multnomah.edu/degreecompletion

But yeah, we’ll be sure to drag out more goodies in due time! Thanks for reading.


The old logo meant: “The Spirit of God, using the Word of God, through the People of God, to reach the World for God.”

Dr. Dan – that’s what we hear! However, on the Facebook Page someone remarked that students from the time felt it was more like students bending under the weight of homework that teachers were pushing on them!

History is fun.