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Core Beliefs in the Classroom

Dr. Dan Lockwood, president of Multnomah University, continues his series "Conversations with Dr. Dan." In this summer 2011 video, he briefly discusses the main core value of Christlike Spirituality and how it applies to the classroom and devotional activities at Multnomah. He especially focuses on chapel changes and spiritual formation efforts.

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Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood is Multnomah University's fourth president. Inaugurated in 1997, he has overseen an era of exceptional transitions. Under his leadership, Multnomah has achieved regional accreditation; solidified name and logo branding; changed to a University structure; built several buildings and launched numerous new programs.

One Response to “Dr. Dan Video – Christlike Spirituality”

Dear Dr. Lockwood,
Thank you for the honors you bestowed on the 1961 Grad Class recently. I have always been very grateful to God for that single year of my life — perhaps the most important. For it was then that I was privileged to have Dr. Mitchell teach me most of the doctrinal portions of the New Testament, crucial to Christ being formed in me.
One of the things we were taught is that “right doctrine brings right practice.” Technically, that is not always true in that we must be doers of the Word and not hearers only. On the other hand, wrong doctrine almost in every case brings wrong practice and, especially, a misunderstanding of who God is and how He works– both essential to a more complete spiritual formation.
In our brief discussion at the luncheon you mentioned that Multnomah had never taken a stand on a literal six day creation and that Dr. Congdon took issue with yom =24 hrs. I believe this is a serious error and greatly undermines who God is and how He works as well as the accuracy of the Bible. Regardless of the past, this is a serious issue today. I would welcome any opportunity to share my views on this subject and how it has helped me love and know God more clearly. Also to hear why you may believe this should not be an issue at MU.
For Jesus, Creator, Savior and Lord, Doris Theis Anderson.