Philippine Missionary – Small Woman, Big heart

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Diane Morris – Grad Class of ‘61

So many memories flooded through my mind during the 50th celebration of our Grad Class at Multnomah. Some of the most significant events of my life took place during that year.

 A Trip Down Memory Lane

Having been convinced by the Lord that he was directing me into missionary kid education with what was then “Overseas Crusades,” now OC International, and having been advised by Dick Hillis, our founder, to attend Multnomah for Bible training, I had packed all my worldly belongings into my ’52 Ford and headed north from my home in southern California. With no on-campus housing available for grad students, I lived with three other grad women in the home of an elderly lady within walking distance from the school. (The “elderly lady” was probably about my age now!) We were two teachers and two nurses. Our adventures during that year, sharing the car, bonding with our wonderful classmates, enjoying the wonder of studying just the Bible for a whole year, learning more than just Bible information from professors like Dr. Congdon, Dr. Aldrich, and, of course, Dr. Mitchell, are treasured memories.

Praying for "The Call"

Because I was also advised by the mission not to write for application papers until the second semester, but to continue to pray for God to seal His direction, I would go to the prayer chapel every morning between class and chapel just to pray for that confirmation. My Christian Service assignment was at Montavilla Baptist Church, where I assisted with the children’s mid-week program. Near the end of the first semester, just before Christmas vacation, a long-time friend was visiting on campus. As we sat in the old dining hall, he asked me about my plans after Multnomah. I told him I was praying about applying to OC to teach missionary kids in Asia. I remember his exact response: “I want you to know, Diane, that if you do go overseas, my wife and I would want to have a part in your support.” Wow! I hardly knew what support was, but I knew that was the answer to my prayers and began the application process.

At the end of that school year I received my acceptance from OC and my assignment to Faith Academy in the Philippines. Montavilla Baptist Church commissioned me before I left for the field. I spent 28 wonderful years serving in the elementary school at Faith Academy, first as a second and then third grade teacher, and for the last 12 years as elementary school counselor. When I was asked by the mission to return to the U.S. to serve our missionary kids and families wherever they were in the world, it was very difficult to leave both the Faith Academy and Filipino communities but once again the Lord made His direction clear. It has been such a joy to serve Him with my life all over the world and I look forward to whatever He will bring next.

About the Author

Diane grew up in southern California and gave her heart to the Lord Jesus at a church camp when she was in junior high school. That heart has remained His own as she continues to follow His leading 62 years later. Diane presently serves as consultant for OC to families on the field, as well as mentor for single women joining the mission. In these roles she has opportunities to visit OC missionaries in a number of countries where OC serves. Her current passion is to provide counsel and help to non-western missionary families serving in difficult places.

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I do remember you from ‘way back when’. My context was your being a good friend to my friend, Janie Bullard. I am retired from 38 years with TEAM in South Africa so enjoyed reading your ‘story’. Blessings. Dorothy