Current Student, Old-School Uniforms

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Multnomah's History

My three-years as a Multnomah student are a very short time compared to the school's 75 years of existence. While attending a school filled with history, I'm continually discovering more about it. The other day, for example, I learned that Multnomah's athletic teams have only been called the Lions for a short time.

As many of you may remember, Multnomah organized a contest for students, alumni, faculty, and staff to vote on a new mascot in honor of Multnomah's 70-year anniversary. Of the three ballots - Fire, Mountain Cats, and Lions - Lions received the most votes and replaced Ambassadors (side note, Ambassadors still lives on through the choir) .

Mitchell Reborn

By creating an athletic brand with a Lion logo, the athletic department hoped to increase school unity. They also hoped to increase team spirit with the aid of a student dressed up as a lion mascot (aptly named "Mitch the Lion" after founder John G. Mitchell).

Athletic Uniform Photos

One of the most fun things about looking back is rummaging through old photos. Check these out, for instance. Here we have basketball uniforms from the '80s beside Multnomah's current basketball uniforms. A lot sure has changed in style, color, and name.


Remember the Past

Multnomah's 75-year anniversary is such an appropriate time to look back. Pull out an old yearbook, call up a former classmate, and take some time to enjoy remembering the past. As a current student, I appreciate the legacy many of you have left for me. I hope to also leave a strong legacy for future students to follow.

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