Israeli and Palestinian Conflict Addressed

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Seminary Journal Out

Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture Volume 7, Issue 1 is now available. Put out by The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins, it is the academic journal of Multnomah Biblical Seminary.

Palestinians Considered

This issue of the journal addresses the conflict between the modern state of Israel and the Palestinian community. The Evangelical tradition, in which our institution is situated, has often favored the state of Israel over the Palestinians while remaining generally inattentive to Palestinian people’s concerns — Christian and Muslim Palestinians alike.

Reconciliation and Peace

All sides in the conflict are responsible for the current state of affairs in one way or another. In order to have reconciliation and peace, it is important that all pertinent voices are represented. To that end, Cultural Encounters has tried to engage as many representatives as possible in the space available.

View and Subscribe to the Journal

In addition to the editor’s introduction by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger, three articles are also available for online viewing:

  1. "Mischief Making in Palestine: American Protestant Christian Attitudes Toward the Holy Land, 1917-1949" by Mae Elise Cannon
  2. "Evangelical Responses to the Middle East Crisis" by Dr. Brad Harper
  3. "Dates, Gatorade, and Ramadan" by Gordon G. Groseclose and Steven C. Hokana

You can also subscribe to the journal and receive the full issue.

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