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Northwest Roots Change the World

Tom was born and raised in Africa (Zimbabwe and Zambia respectively). After returning to the United States for his final two years of high school, he attended Multnomah and the University of Washington. During those years, he met and married Bonnie who was born and reared in Spokane, Washington. She attended Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington also. Following their marriage, they moved to Africa and served with the Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) from 1970 to 1986.With the exception of one year in Swaziland, they lived in South Africa and were involved in establishing Theological Education by Extension centers for church leadership training. They also served on the faculty of the Johannesburg Bible Institute and helped found the Christian Training College just south of Durban. During, and following, their years in Africa, both completed advanced degrees through Western Seminary in Portland, OR and the University of South Africa in Pretoria.

Between 1986 and 1991, Tom and Bonnie served with their mission’s USA office, first in the northwest then in Boone, NC. Both have taught at Multnomah since 1991 where Tom is the current professor and chair of the Intercultural Studies Department and director of the annual on-campus Global Ministries (Missions) Conference. Bonnie teaches courses in the Educational Ministries Department, teaches and directs the student-career development program, and is a frequent conference speaker.

Home and Africa Again

Tom and Bonnie recently tendered their resignation from Multnomah to re-enter global missions. As of Jan. 2012, they will be serving with the Paraclete Mission Group. Because evangelical growth has been spectacular in Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia, discipleship and leadership development are regarded by many Christian leaders as the greatest and most crucial challenges facing the Church today.

Consequently, Paraclete is specifically recruiting “seasoned” and committed workers to step through a unique door of opportunity to encourage the exploding global church by passing along reproducing skills and insights cultivated over years of worldwide ministry experience. The Kopps are stepping through this door to strategically equip and develop both missionary and national leaders in the global mission community. They will address topics related to cross-cultural living and ministry, leadership and team development, spiritual formation, and mission-church partnerships.

Message of Encouragement

If they could pass along a message to Multnomah’s alumni, it would be that “the distance you travel from home does not count as much as how close to the Lord you stand.” Martin Burnham, a former missionary abducted with his wife, held prisoner for a year, and subsequently shot to death in the rescue operation, said, “I was not called to be a missionary, I was not called to the Philippines, I was called to follow Jesus and that’s what I’ve been doing.” At all costs and under every circumstance, “walk worthy of the calling with which you were called” (Eph. 4:1). That calling is TO JESUS! Follow closely!!

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9 comments “Featured Faculty – Professors Tom and Bonnie Kopp”

Thankyou for the encouraging to work to keep our eyes on Jesus who is coming again! Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

I congratulate both Tom and Bonnie for their outstanding efforts. I am quite sure they will succeed in their noble cause for humanity.

I trust we can meet February 18. I will be helping convene the reunion from the class of 1952. Blessings on you both. Doug Stave, Ed. D.

Oh, the lives you have touched while at Multnomah (especially mine). I know you will continue to touch lives – person by person.

Wow! A loss for Multnomah. I know you both will be both missed dearly here stateside. I pray the Lord guide and protect you two in all your many travels to come. Thanks also for making “World Evangelism” fun. LOL

Dr. Tom: I was a friend of your father, Joseph. He was my missions professor 74 – 78. MSB. I am now working in Northern India with Musl. We are using a story technique that Jesus gave us and many are coming. It is worth thinking about how the children of Ishmael come to Jesus. Please write. We are a friend of your family. It would be nice to catch up, but most of all to pass something on about reaching Musl. Love and prayers Jonathon and Jerri Smith

Tom and Bonnie,

You both are still in our prayers. We are thankful for your days at Berean. Thank you for being good examples of “Ambasadors for Christ”.

It’s good that you and Pastor Bill/Marty will be Paraclete Missionaries. The “Gospel of Peace” is on the move with two godly couples.

May the Lord bless you and your family.

Ron and Donna Gaither

Hi Tom and Bonnie…it’s been ages since we’ve visited, but we are thrilled to hear about the turn in your life after these many years. May God richly bless you as you go back to Africa under Paraclete Ministries.

Thank you for the encouraging words to “walk worthy of the calling in which you were called” (Eph. 4:1). My deep desire is to follow Jesus Christ more each day. God bless you both. In His Service, Steve Sisk.