Old Pictures On Dr. Dan’s Birthday

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Normally we don't set out to embarrass our beloved leader (at least not on purpose!), but this year we're taking the leap. Everybody knows what Multnomah University President Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood looks like. If you've seen this blog at all the last couple of years, you'd think he's practically a movie star with his Conversations with Dr. Dan YouTube video series. Well, today we're going to look a little at the man behind the title.
 Happy Birthday, Dr. Dan

What you might say is embarrassing, we say is nostalgic! Also, thanks for posting a few of these gems on your own Facebook profile!

The Pictures

From, Facebook, his passport photo for a trip to Europe. He was a Sophomore in college - in 1968!

A key moment in an important academic career, graduation from Westmont College.

Dr. Dan marries Jani in 1972. That Jani is quite the catch! Way to go, Dapper Dan!

The young professor is usually the cool professor. Especially when he has a mustache that we're pretty sure moonlit as Magnum P.I.'s stunt mustache. In order: 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987

These are from the not-famous-enough "eyeglass period". Like the mustache projecting power before them, the glasses say "hey, don't debate this, I look smart." Also, take a guess at what fine skill he's showing off in that second one.

This is the beginning of the "modern era" in Dr. Dan history. Clean-shaven with no glasses in sight, he shows command of the office, the yearbook, and the stage! Yes, that's a dove in his hand and yes, there are funny stories we hope he'll tell someday.

Dr. Dan is made Multnomah's 4th president in 1997 while key historical figures pray over him.

1999 demonstrates the signature Dr. Dan preaching stance. Not to mention the televangelist good looks!

Apparently, being president for 10 years (2007) affords you the chance to referee two NFL Football chaplain alum.

In 2009, after 12 years in office, Dr. Dan shows that he hasn't lost his marbles.

Dr. Dan, with his bride Jani, as we all know him today.

Happy Birthday, good sir!

2 comments “Old Pictures On Dr. Dan’s Birthday”

Thank you for the glimpse of the man behind the office. I first met him in fall 1987 when he was working in the seminary and was the Grad class adviser. He was a pleasant, nice person, and generous to have the Grad class work on his Christmas tree farm to earn money for the Grad retreat. Does he still do his magic tricks?

Bob Rolls, DP 1980, BS 1982

Happy birthday Dr. Dan.