A Fresh Look For A University Website

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Diamond Anniversary Web Update

As you know, Multnomah is in the midst of her 75th Anniversary and we have many exciting things in the works during this season. One of these has just come to fruition - a refresh of www.multnomah.edu. Some of you may have noticed that we rolled it out last Friday evening and let the bugs come out all weekend - well now we're ready to announce it formally and welcome visitors to check it out.

Almost all of the updates were made on the basis of five main principles.

5 Guiding Reasons

  1. It must get easier to read and use.
  2. If it doesn't show up in our site analytics data, we don't do it.
  3. If our users have asked for it, we should do it.
  4. Better reflect Multnomah's brand colors (Green, White, Black, Gold)- more on this another time.
  5. It must serve our ever-increasing number of mobile smartphone and tablet users.
There's still plenty to do (additional mobile options, improvements for outdated Internet Explorer 7 browsers, Athletics overhaul, a return to blogosphere, updated bios, and homecoming registration), but in the meantime, if you see something broken, don't hesitate to comment below or notify us at procom@multnomah.edu.

An Info-Graphic Introduction

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4 comments “A Fresh Look For A University Website”

Great, great job. Looks awesome. I think you achieved all your goals. Well done, and nice work!

Your updated university website consist of many exciting features which will attract lot of users. I like all the features……..Thanks for the post.

Yes, the site looks good. Good on you people.

Thanks for sharing with us. this is such a great information.