Can Evangelicals Really Be Academics?

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We ran across an essay at Inside Higher Ed that was written after the author read the new book titled The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age. It begs many questions of those who consider themselves both academic and an Evangelical. We're pretty sure our faculty fit this profile and that our alumni have an opinion on the matter.

The Book

The Big Questions

  • Can a person be both Evangelical and Academic?
  • Are Fundamentalists really the opposite of Evangelicals?
  • Are Evangelicals just "nicer" Fundamentalists?
  • Do Christian institutions of higher education avoid science?
  • Do Evangelical academics deny scientific inquiry altogether?
  • Can the reality of religious belief in itself co-exist in a world of empirical data?
  • What constitutes truth in the classroom - both secular and Christian?
  • Do academics who are also Evangelicals face persecution from both sides?
  • Is all of this much ado about nothing?
We found the comments after the essay linked above and below to be especially stimulating discussion.

What Say You?

Seems that this discussion is especially poignant for the Multnomah audience.

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3 comments “Can Evangelicals Really Be Academics?”

Thanks for sharing this article. A lot of food for thought.

Well, I’m not agree but I read the whole post.