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In the upcoming Fall 2011 issue of Multnomah magazine due to hit mailboxes as early as 12/10 we had students write a special series of articles about student life through the decades. The first two of these articles focus on the 1940's and1960's.  They also found great photos from the archives - there were far too many to put in the Magazine, so we decided to post this special gallery here.

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The Photos

Starting with photos from as early as we could find, this set goes as far as the 1980's...we'll add more photos to this gallery over time and re-announce them with our Spring 2012 issue.

Send Us Photos

If you have any great shots you'd like to share, post them to our wall on Facebook or simply tag Multnomah University on them. You could always mail some to us as well.

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3 comments “From the Archives: Student Life Photos”

Great pics. Thanks.

The black and white pictures are great! I’m sorry I cannot at all say the same of the colored ones.

How about taking pictures from the old annuals and posting them here, with one file for each year?

Also, with names attached to pictures whenever possible.

I suppose quite a job, but that would be great!

I like the 5th photo, and the rest are just as beautiful. Have you seen those smiles? Priceless.