Christmas Choir Chapel

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Ambassador Choir Sings Christmas Carols

As I watched choir members sing Christmas Carols in chapel – their postures at attention, eyes trained on Professor Stan Campbell – and felt the concentration of each singer, I was taken back to my own choir days as a student here at Multnomah. I enjoyed remembering the friends I made while singing, touring, and falling asleep on the bus as we traveled from church to church. Despite being a group of very diverse peoples, there was a special kinship we all felt in using the musical giftings that God gave us to bring encouragement to men and women along the West coast.

Keep Singing!

As I was doing some research for this post, I was impressed by how long Multnomah has had this unique ministry in place and how it has adhered to its mission statement:

"The mission of the Music Ministry Department is to musically and spiritually equip students for effective worship/music ministry in the church and in the world."

For anyone who has taken part in the Music Ministry Department while here at Multnomah – either in choir, a special singing group, or were once part of the band – please feel free to join us for our Music Reunion during our Homecoming 2012 celebration of our 75th Anniversary. Former music director, Brian Gerards, who will be joining us in this reunion says,

“I am looking forward to reconnecting and catching up with what God is doing in your lives today. Keep singing!”

Spring Choir Tour

As it has since the early 40's, the Multnomah Choir plans to go on tour this spring to areas all around Portland and Eastern Washington. If you live in these areas and would like to volunteer your church to host our choir, please contact Concert and Tour Coordinator Laura Fesler in the Ministry Music Department. If you would like to hear the latest recording of our Choir please visit our website.

Merry Christmas from the Alumni Department; we hope that you enjoy this season of celebrating our Savior!

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5 comments “Christmas Choir Chapel”

Mary Christmas to the Ambassador Choir and Mary Christmas to the alumni department.


Mary Christmas to Mr. Ambassador and all.

This is a lovely post. I hope to see many take part in the Music Reunion during Homecoming 2012!

Celebrating 75 years reflecting the light of Christ!

The Multnomah Choir is just fabulous. Everyone should try and see them.

Yes, this article brings back memories for me, also, of choir practices in Bradley Hall, singing at special events at Multnomah and yes, choir tours. The special atmosphere at Multnomah was heightened by the fellowship those of us in music had with each other. I still remember the friends I had and the fun we had. Multnomah is truly a very special place to be, for growth in Bible and growth in friendships. God bless you as you keep up the hallowed tradition.