Have You Heard About The New Student-Run Magazine?

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Muse celebrates!

The staff of Multnomah's new student publication Muse just launched the online magazine's third issue. The theme for this December edition is "Celebration." Celebrating the everyday gifts from God - even the little things. Celebrating triumph and freedom from the chains of abuse. Celebrating a commitment to live life with joy to the fullest for Christ's glory.

Hannah Marie Adams by Monica Winders

The history of Muse

Launching on October 6 of the fall 2011 semester, Muse includes stories and artwork from the magazine's staff writers and contributions from MU students, faculty, and alumni. The publication is a collaborative effort between the remainder of MU's 2011 Journalism and Communication Studies students and MU's Student Government (STUGO) communications department.

The First Issue

Aaron Esparza

The first issue of Muse was the "International Edition," which focused on Portland's international food carts, co-editor Aaron Esparza's missions trip to the Philippines, MU student Stephen Lasu's experience as a Sudanese refugee, and several other stories following the theme.

The second issue, the "Broken Edition," was a huge undertaking as writers delved into tough topics, such as abortion, homosexuality, sex-trafficking, cutting, and prostitution. The content was heavy and the feedback from readers was excellent.

The heart behind Muse

Muse will continue on into the 2012 school year with editorial director/faculty adviser Cornelia Becker Seigneur boldly leading the way. The time spent individually coaching and investing in her students helps them produce quality work with creativity and skill.

Seigneur is a freelance writer and author of  WriterMom Tales: Corralling the Commotion While Savoring the Chaos, Spilled Cheerios and Prayers of Real-Life Motherhood and Images of America: WEST LINN.

Muse Staff by Cornelia Seigneur

MU students and co-editors Aaron Esparza and Monica Winders worked diligently to lead their team of six to produce Muse each month. They encourage anyone affiliated with MU to submit stories, photos, and story ideas for the 2012 school year.

My Take

I (Liz Clark) have had the privilege of serving as a section editor for Muse alongside section editors Kristen Leach, Tiina Mall, and Laura Stone. Producing Muse was a rewarding experience as we brainstormed over every issue and worked hard to publish them each month.

Muse would be less impacting if it were not for the incredible contributors who shared their stories with the MU community. The Muse staff thanks those contributors.

Spark conversations from Muse

Muse is much more than a student publication, it is a conversation. After viewers read Muse, the staff hopes that readers will spark up conversations about the content with others. Take the content beyond the magazine to inform, inspire, and impact the world around you. Join the conversation!

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Student Communication Intern - Liz is a senior in Multnomah's journalism program.

3 comments “Have You Heard About The New Student-Run Magazine?”

Great article!

Liz- thank you for writing about Muse magazine for this blog! It has been great having you in my Newspaper workshop course and on staff of Muse! I really appreciate your diligence working as section editor for the Inside MU portion of Muse. And, you did a fabulous job designing the November Broken edition of Muse; and Monica is so creative in her designing of October and December Muse. And Aaron has done a fabulous job as co-editor. The entire staff has labored incredibly hard these past three months to produce this new student publication, and I am honored to be a part of it. Excited for what God has in store for 2012!– Cornelia Seigneur

Good luck to Muse, Good luck the staffs behind who did the hard work.