Asante Worship

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Since Multnomah students are on their Christmas breaks, we are currently having no chapels here on campus. So as an alternative, I decided to attend the performance of the Asante Children's Choir here on campus hosted by The Fish radio. Composed of 25-30 children from East Africa, these small singers were rescued out of areas left in recovery after many years of genocide and civil war.

"Asante," which means "thank you," truly seemed to be the mission of their hearts as they sang worship songs like "I'm Trading My Sorrows" in both English and Swahili. Their spirits were transparent on their faces as their smiles and the beauty of their voices reached out to the audience. I was awed to witness what I believe to be a reflection of the joy and celebration of heaven. In my heart, I dearly wanted to jump up from my seat and sing with them.

In the spring of 2012, Michelle Peel, our Director of Alumni Relations, will have an opportunity to travel to Uganda where she, along with her team, will minister to the children of East Africa. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travels and for these beautiful children.


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3 comments “Asante Worship”

Sounds pretty amazing! Thanks for the post! ­čÖé

I have learned a new word “Asante” which means “Thank you”. That is truly amazing.I watched the video and it’s awesome work.I wish Michelle Peel best wishes and I hope she and her team will help distressed people of Uganda.God bless all.

God bless all, Asante!