Is MU in You?

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With the Homecoming celebration of MU’s 75th anniversary right around the corner, we’ve seen a definite increase in school spirit. As is the case with any group of rabidly loyal supporters and fans, things can be taken a bit too far.

The “Incident”

Take, for instance, 1981 alum Eric Rice, who went to legendary lengths to prove that he is MU through and through. On his way to the office one morning, he managed to swallow a 75th anniversary lapel pin along with a dose of daily vitamins (and some water for good measure). The shape and size of the lapel pin made it difficult to swallow completely, so it took some doing. Since no one was around to witness the act, he needed some way to prove that his tale was true and went to the doctor to get some x-rays.

Thankfully the doctor wasn’t impressed with Eric’s show of loyalty and insisted that the lapel pin be removed before it caused damage to his internal organs.

Does Multnomah deserve this kind of loyalty? Of course! Does it need to be taken to such extreme measures as swallowing a lapel pin? Absolutely not! (Nor does MU condone or encourage such activity).

Your Move

After reading this inspiring and (mostly) true story of fearless folly, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m loyal to Multnomah too, and I sure can’t let this Eric fella show me up! If only there was a safe, MU-approved way to show my school spirit.”

I have good news for you, friend… There is!

Homecoming 2012

Register for Homecoming 2012 and join the ranks of people cheering on the varsity basketball team at the big game, listening to lectures by well-know faculty like David Needham and Rick McKinley, hearing special music from Wayne Watson, and picking up a copy of Dr. Dan’s new book (he’ll even sign it for you). These and many other activities ensure an unforgettable week of celebration, and the perfect way to prove that “MU is in You”!

Doesn’t that sound better than swallowing a lapel pin?

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2 comments “Is MU in You?”

Yes, it’s true.

Too funny (not at the time, though) and a nice “plug” for Multnomah. – Eric

You’re a good sport, Eric.