Alumna Heart for Hurting Minds

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Day Marshall  - BS 2009

My husband, Andrew, and I came to MU after a number of years out of school. He came because God stirred him to act on the calling placed on him years earlier. I enrolled the following year because I was jealous of the depth of knowledge I saw him gaining. We graduated 2 years apart – Andrew in 2007, me in 2009. Andrew is pastoring a Nazarene church in Framingham, MA while I am pursuing my Masters of Art in Counseling in the Boston area.

Massachusetts or Bust!

While at Multnomah, we found that ministry together is an essential part of our existence. God has given us a common vision and a heart to do ministry as a team. From MU, we joined with a fellow MU grad to plant a church in Stevenson, WA. The Bridge Community Church was our core group of friends and spiritual growth during those 2 years. We fell deeply in love with the people in the Stevenson community and our ever-growing church family. However, we knew going into our time there that it was temporary. Once Andrew finished his graduate work in Portland, we planned to move across the country so I could pursue my graduate degree in counseling. In August 2010, we waved goodbye to Stevenson from our big, yellow moving truck and started a new life in Massachusetts.

Passionate Heart for Hurting Minds

As a graduate student of counseling at seminary, I am acutely interested in the interaction that clergy have with suicidal individuals. I found that many people who have mental health problems seek help from clergy and that suicidal thoughts, plans, or attempts were significant predictors for making contact with clergy. As my heart was softened for those with mental health issues, my eyes were opened to the need for competency among the leaders of God’s people - those who walk alongside people who are hurting and desperate for hope in times when they feel they are surrounded by darkness.

Survey to Equip Clergy

Through the Lord’s direction, I became the research manager of a project that is designed to assess the way clergy interact with suicidal individuals. A survey was designed to quantitatively evaluate how pastors respond to thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts, as well as how they care for loved ones following a suicide. The goal of the study is to create training for clergy that will provide helpful insights about meaningful ways to help individuals seeking counseling for suicidal thoughts. We are designing a free webinar for all survey respondents that will be offered on May 17, 2012 (at 2PM EST). If you would like to help us gain information by taking this survey, we would love to hear your input.

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great couple…I went to school with them…what a wonderful testimony of God’s direction in the lives of HIS kids…