Reflecting the Light of Christ

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Light in a Dark Place

"Have you ever been in a very dark space... [where] you couldn't see anything?"

Multnomah's president Dr. Dan Lockwood began his spring 2012 Convocation Chapel address with a story about a trip to New Zealand with his daughter, Elise. Preparing for a black-water rafting excursion, Dr. Lockwood and Elise donned wetsuits, climbing harnesses, and headlamps. Then they proceeded to climb down a 150-foot shaft to a steep tunnel that led to an underground river where a rubber raft awaited them. After traveling a half mile down the river, their guide told them to turn off the headlamps.

Listen to the spring 2012 Convocation Chapel.

Dr. Lockwood began to feel a sense of panic as a thick darkness oppressively settled around them. "Never have I experienced such darkness," he said.

But before long, their guide directed them to look up into a large cavern where they saw thousands of tiny lights: little glowing spiders suspending themselves in the cavern above. These glowing arachnids were the only source of light in that dark place.

The Light of Christ

Recalling Multnomah's 75th anniversary to mind, Dr. Lockwood said he was reminded of his experience in the dark cavern. In this world of oppressively thick darkness, Christ has transformed Christians into points of light for others — just like the glowing spiders.

Children of Light

Drawing from Ephesians 5, Dr. Lockwood explored what it means for us to be "children of light." He reminded us of the theme of "light" running throughout the major events connected with MU's diamond anniversary and challenged us to consider our own effectiveness as lights in this dark world.

"My prayer is that the men and women of Multnomah would be of high moral character, have discernment, and abhor and expose the deeds of darkness."

May this be your prayer as well.

Listen to the spring 2012 Convocation Chapel.


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Wow! what a wonderful trip to New Zealand.
I was looking at their website…weren’t those glow worms and not spiders?
What a great teaching moment.