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The Love Edition

February's edition of Muse, Multnomah's online student publication, addresses issues of love and justice as Muse staff and contributors seek to understand the concept of love in a broken world.

Muse was honored to have not only Muse staff contributors for this edition, but also alumni, seminary, DCP, and MU staff contributors as well.

Seeking Love and Justice

Photo of Dr. Don Richardson, author of Peace Child, speaking at the 2012 Global Ministries Conference. By Brent Looyenga.

Students during a workshop at Multnomah's 2012 Global Ministries Conference. By Brent Looyenga.

Muse staff member and MU senior Kristen Leach delves into the topic of loving through loss. She discusses how the pain of loss can open our eyes to love others more deeply.

On a lighter note, senior Dino Biaggi and his wife, Debra, tell their tale of entering a love story adventure that continues on as they strive to walk with God and honor each other. They share about the intentional choices they make to live out the vows they made to each other on their wedding day.

DCP student Ian Macrae and Muse editor Aaron Esparza at The Justice Conference 2012. By Cornelia Seigneur.

Photographer and seminary student, Brent Looyenga, reveals another side of love by capturing scenes from Multnomah's 2012 Global Ministries Conference (Listen to the plenary and workshop speakers).

After attending The Justice Conference 2012, Muse editor and senior Aaron Esparza, DCP student Ian Macrea, and Muse editorial director and faculty adviser Cornelia Seigneur share through photography and words the insights they gained. The conference addressed issues such as sex trafficking, race issues, materialism, and much more.

Other students and alumni designed artwork, poetry, and fiction. Other great stories you don't want to miss are "Oozing with Love" by seminary student Hannah Marie Adams and "New Heights," a sports story by Gian Cook.

Radiant Cosmetics seeks to raise awareness for human trafficking by raising money for resources. By Aaron Esparza.

Muse with Us and then Move

Muse asks for response from its readers; plan to be challenged to action as you read.

Whether it's simply changing an attitude of our heart or actually investing in the call to evangelism, missions, or to social injustice relief, every one of us needs to respond to our own brokenness and the brokenness of the world around us. We need Christ and the world needs to know Him too.

We welcome you to offer your responses to particular stories on the Muse blog (Visit now).

About the Author:
Student Communication Intern - Liz is a senior in Multnomah's journalism program.

2 comments “Muse with Us: New Edition of Student Publication”

I love this young lady’s writing, thinking, wisdom and love for God! God will use her gifts to bless many others!

Thanks Liz for writing about our newest edition of Muse! – You are doing an incredible job designing for us! – Looking forward to the Hollywood edition next!
Blessings, Cornelia Seigneur