Defending National Champs End MU Dreams

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Check out this end-of-season recap from Coach Bickley. It had a heart breaker of an ending, but was a memorable season nonetheless!

Tonight ended a great season by the Multnomah University Lions. We lost to Hillsdale by a score of 81-86. We were down by 4 at the half, fell behind 76-64 in the second half, then came storming back. Down by 8 with just over a minute to go, Willey Yates nailed a deep three pointer, then MU got a steal and Steve Bustrin added another three pointer to cut the lead to 2 points with 40 seconds left. Hillsdale scored to go up 85-81. Gian Cook got a great look from behind the arc but could not get it to go as the final score was 86-81.

I will post the stats on the link below, but I just wanted to say that I am extremely proud of the way this group of young men represented Multnomah University this year. The seniors led the way. We had some great wins and tough losses, but we did not lose one player during the season, which is rare. In fact, we gained Jared Reando along the way (who had a great dunk in the game tonight). We started the year with 16 players, 2 managers, and 2 coaches on the Varsity squad.

  • Bryn Cumberland - Redshirt player who played hard every practice and brought some serious personality to this team. I can't wait to have Bryn play for us next year.
  • Daniel Aguilar - Is there a nicer kid at MU than Daniel. I have great respect for him.
  • Michael Kamlade - Tough kid that improved so much. The next Nick?
  • Sam Feyder - So many tough breaks physically, but a great friend that was raised like me in the Midwest. We see eye to eye on everything. (Except the Vikings)
  • Jackson Flah - A true blessing sent to MU by God. There is no other way to explain it.
  • Dawson Taylor and Joe Borelis - Great Managers that have great hearts.
  • Matt Johnson - Great attitude freshman with huge potential. Matt had some great moments for us off the bench this year. I predict great things ahead.
  • Seth Coleman - Never a dull moment and my most loyal Dude. Stay true my breh!
  • Erik Mendoza - Improved so much and was a monumental piece to the puzzle in some huge wins this year. None better than the shot to win the Holy Names game.
  • David Walker - What a great player and great kid. I am so excited to have Davey in the program for the next two years. He was our most consistent player all year.
  • Austin Hodges - I am a huge fan of Austin and the heart he brings to our program. He is a winner and plays like one all the time.
  • Steve Bustrin - Steve is such a great kid that is loved by everyone. Losing his Dad the week before our season started was so hard, but yet Steve, with the tremendous support of his teammates, persevered through those tough days. I am very proud of Steve.
  • Kevin Coverson - Kevin grew up in the program this year. I have tremendous respect for how Kev handled adversity and proved himself to his teammates.
  • Gian Cook - Gian and I are total opposites, yet we found a way to make it work and in a big way. Gian excelled in our program with our style of play. He was made to play at Multnomah. Gian will be a success at whatever he does.
  • Brent Looyenga - Brent simply gave his heart and soul to the Multnomah program and is as good a representative for how the program should look that MU can produce. Brent loved his teammates and was a true team player.
  • Jared Reando - In the brief time I coached Jared, I learned so much about post play. Jared gave us a chance to win a National Championship, that is what I asked from him. I am proud of the way he found a place in the program and for how competitive he was.
  • Tyler Yates - Tyler is one of my all time favorites. A true "old school gunner" that never saw a shot he didn't like. I am proud of Tyler and will always love the fact that he played out his full four years of basketball at MU.
  • Willey Yates - Willey is one of the most loyal players I have ever been around. He understood what the word team meant the moment I started coaching him 4 years ago. Willey had some amazing shots in his career, all three pointers but one. If Willey was in the gym parking lot, he was in range. Ted Yates raised some great kids.
  • Coach Bieri - The most humble person in the program and ironically the best basketball player on our campus.

Coaching is a crazy thing. You can be so excited one moment and so bummed 24 hours later. My wife Melissa is the one who I look to for encouragement and she always comes through. I am thankful that I work at a University that does not measure success by wins and losses, but by relationships and character building. I am proud of everyone in this program and the growth that they have displayed. We were a true team. A six month grind has come to an end with one more game left tomorrow. I will post the score on our website, but will not be writing an article. If we beat Barclay College, we will finish with third place and a record of 18-18. I want to thank all of you who read our articles and responded to me via email. I can feel your support.

Coach Bickley


3 comments “Defending National Champs End MU Dreams”

We love the mascot too.

Good stuff,

Coach Bickley;
Congratulations on a great season! We have enjoyed folowing the progress of the team via this web-site since our “humble” son doesn’t say much. Enjoy the off-season, such as it is, and I hope to see you in May for the P-41 camp.

Tom Bieri