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Warmest of greetings to you from Uganda, East Africa! My greetings today come from Jinja where I am currently serving with a mission’s team from our church. In addition to our ministry here, I'’ve had the privilege of connecting with Multnomah alumni and have been encouraged to see the work God is doing in and through their lives in building His church around the world.

Bill & Kathy Bisset

This past week I had the privilege of interviewing alum Kathy Nelson Bisset (Grad Cert ‘'81), who is here in Jinja serving with her husband Bill at the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP). Together they work to provide a foundation in theological training for pastors and church leaders by giving them a comprehensive and growing knowledge of scripture, as well as practical ministry skills while encouraging them in their faith. "“When I look at my time at Multnomah”," Kathy said, "“that is exactly what Multnomah gave me--—a foundation that I didn'’t have before."” Having not grown up in a Christian home, Kathy looks at her time at Multnomah as foundational for the work the Lord has called her and Bill to here in Africa, serving these past 28 yrs.

Alex & Faith Mutagubya

On Sunday I enjoyed worshiping with alumni Alex (M Div ‘'10) and Faith Mutagubya at Luzira Community Church where Alex serves as the lead pastor. Founder of Luzira, as well as Transform African Ministries, Alex'’s goal is to make disciples and empower others to influence their communities in Jesus'’ name. Focused towards reaching the middle class of Uganda, their objective is to equip the church for assisting its poor and marginalized in a self-sustaining manner.

Alex'’s message to us on Sunday was riveting. For any relationship there must be trust and commitment”, he charged. When we say we trust Jesus there will be times when what we expect to happen is not necessarily what we experience, but that does not mean that God has failed us. For us to enjoy life to
the fullest we must believe that Jesus is who He says He is. There will be times when we will struggle and are not able to fully explain everything we are going through, yet He remains faithful and trustworthy. Such truth in the face of the wealth and prosperity gospel that is so prevalent here in Africa was a powerful inspiration.

Final Thoughts

It is often in the midst of life'’s storms that our courage and power as believers is manifested most. My prayer for us today is that as He gives us opportunities to trust Him in the face of uncertainty, illness, economic hardship, etc that our faith would be strengthened and our trust and commitment to Him would grow.

Believing in who He says He is,
Michelle M. Peel (BA '00, MA '10)

Director of Alumni Relations


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Director of Alumni Relations

6 comments “Greetings From Africa”

Michelle, I was delighted to read about your trip. Not too long ago, I began sponsoring a young girl by the name of Neemah to attend a Uganda school as part of Aroads program at Hope Primary School under the direction of Richard Kabazzi. I don’t know if Kabazzi is connected anyway with Multnomah.

Michelle, what a great article! Sorry that Robin wasn’t there to greet you! She has been here with us for 2 nights and this morning left for a 2 week trip to Houston/Dallas area, after which she will return home and leave for Uganda on May 11th.

I especially appreciated the great pictures 🙂 🙂 And I love your new hair style 🙂 🙂

What an amazing work Alex has – long may his ‘kind’ live and continue to serve!!!
I grew up in a wonderful loving, Christian home, but I too benefited majorly from the foundation I received at Multnomah. I know Ben would say the very same. The time we had at Multnomah prepared us for life!!! (and we met there too …. just as a ‘small’ aside 🙂

Love ya,

Thanks so much for your comments Chuck and Carol! So fun to hear from you both. Not sure if Richard is connected with MU, Chuck, but I’ll look into it! Sounds like a great program. My sister and her husband also assist with a primary school in helping local area slum children be able to attend school who would not otherwise be able to.

Yes, indeed it was disappointing not being able to connect with Robin while in Uganda, Carol, but I was thankful to have the opportunity for a wonderful visit during Multnomah’s 75th Anniversary Homecoming Week celebration when she was in town. So glad ya’ll have been able to enjoy some time with her as well. Please give my love and greetings to all!

It is worth spending time to read this wonderful article. Please do post articles like these more frequently. Thank you.

Serving for 28 years in Africa, requires such an enormous dedication, so as love for helping people in distress and my words to the family,dedicated their life on that are really beyond praiseworthy. I am loving the pictures you have posted for us, so as the wise words you sent and Im going to look forward to your so meaningful posts!

Great story Michelle, it really makes me happy to read about people like you and Chuck Finster. I hope one day I can share story like this as well. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will follow your posts from now on.