A Bold Step Backward

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Old School is Our School

As many of you know, Multnomah is in the midst of celebrating her 75th anniversary. It’s been a fantastic time of looking ahead to what the future might hold for Multnomah. Indeed, it has been a season of what seems like accelerated advances and change. Perhaps it’s time to take a step in the right direction?

A step backward.

Getting Back To Our Roots

With change has come accusations of getting too far away from Multnomah’s original mission, but nothing could be further from the truth. Still, we have been convicted that our reliance on worldly methods of marketing and branding may give the wrong impression, and our response to alleviate concerns seems clear – we’re throwing off the shackles of slick, modern branding and returning to our roots with Multnomah’s original logo!

Back When I Was There...

Rest assured, we’re not giving into some retro or hipster fad. We’re genuinely returning to a simpler time when institutional color schemes and style guide-imposed font-faces weren’t the enslaving factors they are now. We’ve brought back the pure black and white truths embodied in Multnomah’s original logo. No fancy fonts or gimmicks. Just the old-fashioned simplicity of yesteryear.

The good old days everyone wishes were still the reality, ARE the reality at www.multnomah.edu/af2012/!

Old-School Business

You'll no longer have to face all of the distraction and hullabaloo Multnomah once embraced. We’ve started with the homepage of our website, which is viewed over a million times per year. It’s an important page and should serve as proof that we mean business. Old-school business!

The Black and White Truth

Call it a return to form, a sign of institutional maturity, or even a return to the promised land! Whatever you call it, it's simply a bold step backward. Won't you join us?


10 comments “A Bold Step Backward”

Awesome! love it 🙂 hahaha. RABITS!

Ahhhh….you got me! It took me a few minutes to realize this is April 1st! 😉

Let’s just see if the retro-logo is still up tomorrow…

Admittedly, I’m both gullible and conservative, so my first thought was, “cool, I like our original mission, and I don’t mind retro.”

Rob, it did actually look better than it should have! We heard from a number of folks that thought “it worked”.

Dear Robert!

Finally, you’ve listened to me–your supreme El Presidente and commander–and helped us return to the Multnomah basics as I’ve often admonished you to do. It seems like over the last five years I been fighting these changes all alone! What a joy to see I finally have an ally on the staff!

What? This is only an April Fool’s Day joke?


Dr. Dan

That’s not to say that your opinions are jokes, though…

I was starting to get very upset and I was ready to write an aggressive comment. Then lo and behold, I had forgotten that it’s April Fools Dat. Ok, ok, you got me.

Don’t worry Stacee…we will always encourage open dialogue here. But we’re glad you saw it for what it really was!