A Hometown Choir Concert

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Good News!

The Ambassador Choir will be performing “Good News!”, a worship concert celebrating the Good News of Jesus Christ, locally.

This is our final concert of the Spring 2012 season and we would like to share in a special evening of music and worship with our hometown. The concert is free to all.

Desperate People Need Good News

We all need good news. Before emancipation, African Americans, toiling and crushed under the system of slavery, needed good news. They sang about it as they worked. Like many of those old spirituals, this one offered hope in a hopeless existence:

I got a crown up in-a the Kingdom, ain’-a that good news!

I got a crown up in-a the Kingdom, ain’-a that good news!

I’m a-goin’ to lay down this world, goin’-a shoulder up-uh my cross,

Goin’-a take it home-a to my Jesus, ain’-a that good news!

The days of plantation slavery may be over, but there are still millions of people all over the planet living under a sentence of death and enslaved to the cruelest taskmaster of all – their own sin. They need deliverance! They need the Good News of salvation offered freely by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through the medium of music and testimony the Ambassador Choir of Multnomah University unashamedly proclaims this “gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”.

Dr. Stanford Campbell
The Ambassador Choir Director


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