Isn’t That (P)interesting

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Pinterest just got way more exciting. Why? Because MU is officially on it.

  • Need ideas for what to do this weekend? We have a board for that.
  • Did you know your professors are famous? We have a board for that.
  • Need Cinco De Mustache inspiration? We have a board for that too.

MU's Pinterest page is a one stop resource for all things MU and a few things that aren't. Just stop by to follow us.

Pinterest Boards

Tell Us What You Want

What boards would you like to see MU start? Do we have any volunteers for the "two on one face" mustache? Let us know your thoughts.

Check it out now!

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One Response to “Isn’t That (P)interesting”

Congrats, sounds exciting… Appreciate that Multnomah is not just an University anymore, it is becoming a way of life.