Kigali Kollection – An Update on the Largest Theological Library in Rwanda

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On July 1, 2012, another team will be sent to Kigali to train ten Africans in setting up a library and placing the now 18,500+ books onto the shelves. The journey started in 2008 when Africa New Life Ministries (founded by Multnomah Biblical Seminary graduate Charles Burgeya) was awarded a grant to start a Bible training school in Kigali, Rwanda. Upon hearing this good news, a group of Multnomah students banded together under the same dream - to create the largest theological library in Rwanda. This 2012 team will take the next step in helping establish the library.

The Kollection

The Kigali Kollection team started off with a goal of collecting 2,009 different Bible, theology, and Christian books by graduation day on May 15, 2009. The book drive received an overwhelming response, and on March 27, the final book was recorded. After much prayer and discussion, more goals were set and met repeatedly. As God provided, the goals were exceeded each time!

In March 2010, the Kigali team sent a container filled with books to the facility that was going to be the library in Rwanda. Last summer, Dr. Garry Friesen lead a group of five students to Kigali and dedicated the building that would serve as the library.

Pray For the 2012 Team

Please be praying for the Kigali team as they raise funds and file the necessary paperwork. Also pray for safe travel and good health as they minister to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

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2 comments “Kigali Kollection – An Update on the Largest Theological Library in Rwanda”

Not to be too odd about it, but Africa is a continent not a country. It’s Kigali, Rwanda on the continent of Africa. I know you mention that a little deeper into the story, but these kinds of facts can distract from the content.

Mr. Allen, you make a good point, but I don’t see where in the copy anyone is referencing “Africa” as a “country”. I also don’t hear it in the video. Since we really do care about accuracy on things like this it would be really helpful for us if you could point to where, specifically, this error is made.

Thanks for reading and caring!