Alumni and Students Tell Their Stories

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Multnomah alumni and students have the best stories. So good, in fact, that we often decide to put them in a video to encourage others to keep up their work and ministries and maybe even consider supporting the next generation of MU alum.

This video was produced by MU alum Jamie Lawson from Off the Menu Productions with music by alum Brian Cheney.

It features Multnomah alumni Alex Mutagubya of Africa New Life Ministries, Daniel Fender of The Gathering Community Church, Neil Mast of Rex Putnam HS PA announcing, and Andrea Laurita of Reid Saunders Association and Freelance Journalism. It also includes current students Hannah Adams of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, and AJ Elzinga of Multnomah Bible College.

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Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator

2 comments “Alumni and Students Tell Their Stories”

Ronnie- Great Video. HOWEVER, there is one Major problem. The person who did the sound on this video set it WAY TOO HIGH!!! My aged Mother is VERY irritated with me playing it, as she finds it WAY too loud.

The sound level of a video should never, ever be above 60% level of the sound and NEVER spike in the red, as it blasts out, and if played in a group setting at 70% of speaker volume, it could blow out the sound system.

Mike, we’ve checked around and nobody else is having the problem you’re having with the audio volume. This video was produced by a professional who has done many, many of these and the product is fine on our end in it’s native format too. YouTube handles the audio in their stream anyway and they only allow so much as well. We also have shown this in public several times and not had any trouble.

It’s possible that there is a sound issue with an audio device you’re using that was turned up more than normal. Between the windows/mac volume control the sound card volume control, other built-in audio control devices, physical speaker controls, and any other additional controls that affect your audio environment at your computer, there is a lot that can be in play when this happens. Also, back to YouTube where the video is hosted, there are audio controls on their video player too that could be turned down.

Hope this helps some. Sorry we couldn’t come up with anything better.