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Again and again you will hear Multnomah faculty and staff members say "Alumni are our greatest recruiters," and they are proven correct as we listen to the stories. Incoming students often tell us about that special youth leader, pastor, speaker, or summer camp worker that changed their lives forever. We are so encouraged to be a part of an institution that is in the business of life change all over the world. Following is the story of a recent alum who shares her experience. 

Mindy Kate Rawlins - BS 2011

It was a crisp October morning in central Illinois as I sat captured by the stories being told by the missionary couple on furlough from Cypress. Sitting in the church pew that Sunday morning, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to talk to them after the service was over. The Spirit was tugging at my heart—there was no denying that, though I didn’t quite know why. The benediction was given and people began to mingle and shuffle out of the sanctuary as I waited for an opportunity to approach the two.

“Hi. My name is Mindy. I think I want to do the internship you were talking about…what do I need to do to make this happen?” I certainly didn’t waste any time getting to the point.

This led into a conversation about what interning with their missions organization in Cypress would look like, the commitment it would require, and the sinking reality that at 17 years old and coming right out of high school, I was far from ready to commit to two years in a new country and culture. Still, our conversation went on and I continued to share my vision and passion with this couple, along with my plans to attend a local Christian college the next fall. Then the woman spoke three words that would change the course of my future.

“Multnomah Bible College,” she said.

“Multnomah? No, I think you misunderstand. I’m already accepted at another school…I know where I’m going.”

“If you are passionate about God’s word and a life of ministry, there is no better school. Look into it.”

Much took place in the in-between, but ten months later I found myself boarding a plane with all my worldly possessions from Illinois to Portland, ready to begin my journey as a new Multnomah student. Throughout my time as a student and now as an Admissions Counselor, the Lord has used the Multnomah community to greatly shape me into the woman I am today. If it were not for the quick conversation with that couple, whose names I cannot even recall, and their encouragement for me to explore the possibility of Multnomah, I would most likely never have left the safety and familiarity of central Illinois for my collegiate experience. Even as I work now to recruit and matriculate new students to the university, I know there is still no replacement for the personal touch and word of encouragement from someone who has experienced Multnomah for themselves. They will always be our best recruiters.

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