Alumni More Inspiring Than Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan told us we should drink Gatorade because he used it to get through tough games, and we listened. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, told us that Weight Watchers helped her lose ten more pounds, and we listened.

We listen even more when an endorsement comes from someone who isn’t getting paid to say all the right things. In a recent blog post we shared with you stories from various alumni and students and Multnomah’s effect on their lives. These are powerful testimonials.

You’re More Influential Than MJ or Fergie

There probably is nothing more influential than a satisfied alumnus who connects a prospective student with his or her alma mater. Imagine yourself talking to a high school senior who is investigating various colleges or a working adult who needs to finish his bachelor’s degree or a recent college grad hunting for the right seminary. When you tell them how Multnomah shaped your life—whether significantly or just in a number of small ways—they will listen! Your message is truly dynamic when you’re able to say, “I know Multnomah well and I know you well . . . and I think you belong at Multnomah!”

In the Admissions Office, we spend a lot of time and money traveling to high schools, universities, college fairs and elsewhere to promote our programs. We mail out brochures. We buy ads and sponsor events. We host special campus previews. But nothing we do is as effective as your one-on-one endorsement given to someone you know!

A True Story

Mindy was from Illinois. The fall of her senior year of high school, she was all set to go to a college near her home. Then two Multnomah graduates came to her church. They told her about a certain school in Portland, Oregon. In fact, they assured her that Multnomah was where she belonged! Mindy turned right around and investigated Multnomah, applied for admission and enrolled a year later. Today, Mindy Kate Rawlins is a proud Multnomah alumna and one of our undergraduate admissions counselors, doing her best to spread the word about Multnomah. Read her account in her own words.

How You Can Help

You can help grow a stronger, more widely-known Multnomah University. Look around your church, school, and workplace this week. Do you see someone who would benefit from a Multnomah education? Take time to point them in our direction. In addition, simply email the Admissions Office information about prospective students you know. We would love to help you help them get connected with Multnomah!

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