Be A “Portlandia” Extra – TV Show Filming At Portland’s Multnomah U

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Put A Lion On It!

Want to be an "extra" on the TV show Portlandia? Well, here's your chance to appear in a special filming on Multnomah's campus! You won't get paid, but you'll probably have a great day and laugh a lot...and there's the whole cool TV show thing...And yeah, we know it's weird to do this at a conservative Christian college. (Is that irony? Discuss.)

We're especially interested in MU students and recent alums who can wear MU gear and sign an Appearance Release and a Non-Disclosure Statement...and then...Put a Lion on it!

Read Everything

We'll follow up on this post with more details and updates on Monday morning, 7/16. But still, read everything.

General Details

Where: Multnomah's Portland campus
Monday, July 16 (that's THIS Monday)
Time: Plan on arriving before noon (12pm) and commit to at least 4 hrs
Who:  MU students, recent alum and anyone living in Portland who meets the following:
Age: Anyone between 18-30-something
Other:  We might only need 30, but might take 200...and some might go home and some might need to stay all day. Can you handle that?

Please DO...

  • Dress like a student
  • Bring a computer, ipad, backpack, notebook, or anything that a typical student might bring to a classroom lecture
  • Be well groomed (unless previously stated), a Portland beard can be "well-groomed", am I right?
  • Bring a pen
  • Bring a book, magazine, ipad, gameboy, crosswords, coloring book... something to entertain yourself (there will be downtime)
  • Plan your outfit well in advance or pack what you are planning to take with you
  • Bring a few (2-3) options of shirt or jacket, shoes and accessories
  • For ladies, if you are wearing heels, consider also bringing flats. These can be more comfortable for standing around in.
  • Prepare for the weather in case of an outdoor shot. For sunny days you may need sun-screen. For rainy days you may need coats and umbrella. For cold days remember warm clothes, etc.
  • Try to ride TriMet or carpool (be kind to MU's neighbors when parking)


  • Wear prominent shirts or pants with patterns, small stripes, name brand logos (NIKE and ADIDAS is ok), or bright solid colors (MU gear has been totally approved, however!)
  • Assume that you'll get in the show no matter what.
  • Flake out once you've signed
  • Be a diva or meanie

Sign Up Here!

Seriously, leave a comment here, in the comments section below. We just need a general idea. Then come to Mitchell Library on the Multnomah University campus.

If you want inside scoopage on this opportunity, then email and we'll get back to you Monday morning with more.

We'll follow up on this post with more details and updates on Monday morning, 7/16.


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54 comments “Be A “Portlandia” Extra – TV Show Filming At Portland’s Multnomah U”

If someone buys me a MU shirt I will wear it, ha.

No you won’t.

I’ll come!

I would LOVE to attend!

sign me up!!!

This is so awesome!!! If I wasn’t working Monday… cleaning North Aldrich for MU, I would come! I’m excited to see the episode when it airs though!!

I used to attend MU! I’ll try to be there!

I am already going to be on campus, so I will be sure to stop by!

I have the day off. I will come.

What will the particular show they are filming at Multnomah be about?

I’m also curious about the ethical implications this has given the show’s apparent collusion with certain themes (and the people associated with those) that might be at odds with Multnomah’s mission statement as an Evangelical interdenominational school? Further, what was the motivation for allowing ‘Portlandia’ to use Multnomah’s campus, and particular parts of the campus as a setting for Portlandia to exploit?

There, that ought to stir the discussion pot.

Sounds like you’re the only doin’ some pot-stirrin’, bro. Why don’t you put your so-called convictions aside and have a little fun? You make it real appealing to want to hang with a bunch of Christians. “Themes”? WTH are you talking about? The show focuses on what is happening in Portland. MU is one of those things. Yeah, MU might get made fun of- so what?

Good questions, DoubleAlumnus. Obviously, we’re not going to enter in to something like this with our eyes closed. We at MU have had very intentional conversations about this among ourselves. We’ve also been very open about our concerns with the producers and director and they are sensitive to the risk we are taking too.

Also, it should be noted that most of what they’re doing are not about Multnomah. They are simply using our campus as a location for various items because of the following: 1. we are kind and generous with them; 2. we have good parking for crew; 3. we have a lot of unique locations to tackle in one shoot; 4. we are urban setting and close; 5. we have space for the crew to eat lunch; 6. it’s challenging for their audience to understand the irony behind using such a place like Multnomah (what with all the Bible nerds and Jesus freaks and all)…

I responded to Pamela below with some further thoughts that apply to your question here…just scroll down a bit until you see my picture again to read it.

Please be praying for Monday and Tuesday.

Yes! I’m there every day anyway! I wouldn’t miss it!

I’m so there!

I’ll be there!

I’m gonna try, too.

I’m in!

I’ll be there 🙂

Yeah, count me in. I can see the school from my front porch. No excuses. I even have a sweat shirt.


If I was in Portland, I would be there.

Right i am so in. i have been an extra 3 times before on Leverage, Grimm, and companies marketing video. i have also had speaking and choreographed roles in a short film and a feature length indie film. all i have left is to do portlandia and i have a full house haha.

A friend told me about this. We are both baffled as to why Multnomah would want to be part of a show that’s primary goal is to poke fun at Portland. I have watched a little of the show – but several of the skits were so raunchy I quit watching. It’s hard to believe that anyone with any pride in themselves, their school, their business, or their community would be so excited about being part of this show. As I told my friend, I did laugh at some of the skits – and I’m all for laughing at ourselves and some ridiculous issues in our society – but anyone willingly subjecting themselves to ridicule on this show and being excited about it baffles me. With Multnomah being a school to teach and profess the Gospel it really doesn’t seem to fit. I am sad to see what the show will most likely do to mock the school and quite possibly our faith and our God.

“With Multnomah being a school to teach and profess the Gospel it really doesn’t seem to fit. I am sad to see what the show will most likely do to mock the school and quite possibly our faith and our God.”

Really? Look how many of us current students and past students are open minded enough to participate. Already judging before the first take? Come off the cross, we need the wood.

Pamela, these are legit concerns and we’ve talked openly about these with the producers and director. If there is any mocking of our Savior, then we’ll cut it off. All the scripts we’ve seen for on-campus filming are G-rated at this point. As some have pointed out MU is not above ridicule. To this end, if we aren’t willing to engage our culture and be hospitable neighbors and earnest witnesses for Jesus with those who have such a wide reach, then we are not who we say we are in our mission, vision and core values statements.

However, we do hope that all will be praying for Him to be glorified and for the show to represent us well too.

Hi Robert,

I am just not sure I agree that this is the best way for Multnomah to impact its immediate culture in Portland. Let me be honest, here’s what it “looks” like; it looks like Multnomah is looking to get some free publicity, and this particular occasion with Portlandia is too good to pass up. Certainly MU could potentially offer a testimony to the film crew etc that will be there on campus; but is that testimony to them really worth the cost of the broader testimony—as far as “appearance”—that MU’s association with a show like Portlandia will have on the national and international stage that Portlandia has with their various viewing audiences? Apparently you guys think it is. Me, not knowing all of the info on this (esp. as far as motivation), don’t.

You had to know you would get some push back like this, and so I’m sure you’re not surprised and even willing to deal with it for your greater purpose. Has there been any reservations about this amongst the faculty (e.g. Portlandia using MU for filming)?

We’re ready for the push back and we encourage this kind of healthy debate over things like this. We expect people to speak their minds and we know that this little venture is a little different for most of us.

Oh I will TOTALLY be there!!!

driving to California that day. :/ have fun, all!

I totally want to do this, but I have to work later in the afternoon, could I still show up?

I am planning on showing up for this.

Sign me up- I’m a college student with lots of appropriate gear!

Ill be there!

I will come!

I can study while waiting just as easily as in my apartment… Thesis time, baby. 🙂 I’ll be there.

Are we “Older” students welcome? I’d love to come but am a looooong way from 18 to 30 something.

I work until 2 in the afternoon. Could I still come?

Duh I’m going to be there!

Let me know if you need a Completed Jew for the students to fawn over. Christians get very excited if you’re Jewish and you tell them you believe in Jesus. I also believe in Buddha and Gumby, but I don’t emphasize that cause I like all the great Christmas and Easter dinner invites. I’d love to be an extra, but I’m just having an entertaining Portlandia fantasy, since I am chained to my desk 12-16 hours a day slinging mortgage quotes. If you ever need to film a semi-sane creatively frustrated work at home (semi-Jewish) mortgage loan officer, you’ve found her. Love and bird kisses, HilaryOutThere. Woodstock resident. Representing the 206.

Dear Robert!

I didn’t realize I was commenting on the MU site!! I thought this was the Portlandia site. Sorry if you found my comment offensive!


Hey Hilary…
No problem, we’re not offended. We’ve heard much worse and it wasn’t in good-natured fun like yours. At least it was funny! Sorry you’re working those long hours, though.

Ugh! If only I wasn’t working! 🙁

I’m so there 🙂

I will be there!

I will be there all day working on a paper. Might as well try to be an extra at the same time…right?! Lord, may You be glorified…and may we have a blast at the same time!!

I’m doing my best to rearrange my work schedule so I can make it! I’ll bring my husband too.

I will try to be there

I’m coming!

Hey all…here’s what the person coordinating the extras told me to tell you:

Congratulations you’ve been considered to be an extra for a sketch on Portlandia Season: 3!

Before you confirm, I need you to make sure that you are absolutely available for Monday July 16th and you are on a volunteer basis, that means pro bono, free! But the good news is that means you get to laugh a lot…like side-splitting fun, like the kind of laughing that could possibly put you in the hospital. But it’s laugh at your own risk type work.

And hey you get to say “I was in that episode of Portlandia, ain’t that the bees knees!!!”
I appreciate you volunteering your time! We at Portlandia appreciate it!

Also, remember that scheduling could change at any moment. Even right after you get this email!! We would love for you to stay as long as you can. We would love that you commit to at least 4 hours.

Remember in order to be an extra you must be willing to sign:
1. An appearance release form granting the show permission to use the footage of you.
2. A Non-disclosure agreement. This means no photos or video or secrets are to be shared off set. We want to make sure our fans get to be surprised!!

Wow! Is this really the same MBC I graduated from? I think the RA’s would have written me up for WATCHING Portlandia let alone being in it. Way to grow with the times Multnomah.

As a Multnomah alum and Portland native, I’m thrilled at MU’s willingness to host The “Portlandia” crew. I am sure that this was a much-discussed decision by the school’s leadership. With that said, I am glad that Multnomah is showing hospitality and the Portland spirit to Armisen and company.

I hope that this is a benchmark for increased cultural and creative engagement on the part of Multnomah’s staff and students.

“The dream of the 90’s is alive at Multnomah!”

Came across this announcement on Facebook decided to check it out. I have never heard of this show “Portlandia” so was curious to see what the fuss was about. I see most have given it a thumbs up to have the film crew film on Multnomah campus & a few prophets have voice concern about that as they should. Well I watched at least 5 of their 2 to 3 minuet mini clips & their sing a long opening & was not impressed. I guess I’m just not surprised that Multnomah would do this since they have never been cultural aware of the diversity that has existed in Portland for years. Portland has been rich with diversity in the form of the Native Indians Community, African American Community, African Community & Asian Community for years & now the Large Mexican American Community around Multnomah. So I am not surprised that Multnomah would opt for diversity of Gays, Lesbian, Transgender & the bisexual community that is portrayed in this show.

LadyofColor, we’re not sure what you’re talking about – but somehow we’re offended. Maybe we shouldn’t be, but we hate division and only want to reconcile and live in love with those around us. I hope you can expound more upon your statements so that we can either learn from them or communicate better what might be not understood. We care deeply about the many colors God has given us to see Him with and hope that someday statements like yours will not be necessary.

Even though you have passed judgement on us via a show that you don’t watch, can you please, please help us understand what you mean by stating that you’re “not surprised” that we would opt to ignore [the skin diversity in Portland] just because we allow those who believe different from our views to work with us? It just doesn’t make sense and it seems pretty clear that these are statements from someone who does not know us or our students.