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How does Multnomah measure its success in changing the hearts and lives of people? One way we measure success is through hearing your stories and how God is at work in you.

Help us share your story.

Create Your Own Video

It's actually pretty easy!

We are undertaking a video project called "On the Flip Side" in which we are asking alumni like yourselves to make a video:

  • Name and class year?
  • One of your favorite Multnomah Memories?
  • Current ministry and/or what you've been doing since your time at Multnomah?
  • How has God used your time at MU to prepare you for what you're doing today?
  • Advice or encouragement for today's students?

How To Share

Featuring Alumni Director, Michelle Peel (B.A. '00, M.A. '10), and alum Sky Cady (B.S. '03) filming in Bath, England.

Tips for Successful video:

1. Choose a quiet location with minimal background noise and strong lighting

2. Don’t delete content, you may be able to use it!

3. Don't worry about getting it perfect. It's not Hollywood and it's better if it's shorter anyway!

If you are interested in making a video or have any questions, please contact us at alumni@multnomah.edu. We look forward to hearing your stories!


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