Freshman Loves to Make Music, Make Food and Study at MU

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Multnomah University just couldn't be what it is without its students. This post is part of a new series written by students, about students. Our hope is that prospective students can get a feel for what the student body is like and alumni can get to know who it is that they support.

Samuel Piehler makes food, music and movies with his friends.

Samuel Piehler










Renton, WA

Class: Freshman

Major(s): Bible and Music

How do you spend your summers?
Summer, summer, summer. Gotta love Summer! I love to make movies with my little brother. We have made so many dumb movies, but they are such a great "use" of my time. I also love playing soccer during the summer heat. I stay up late to watch movies and hang out with friends. Can't get any better than that!

What has been your best experience at Multnomah?
By far it has been Zombie Christmas Caroling with Charlie Piehler, Keegan Dyehouse and Jared Isaacson on Halloween. We went around 82nd and Glisan to trick or treate with Zombie outfits. When we rang door bells we would sing Christmas songs, but change the words to "zombie brains" and other Zombie related things. It was so much fun.

What are some of your hobbies?
Hobbies you say? I love to play the piano. What I love about it is making my own compositions. I have dozens upon dozens of different songs that I have made. I'm in my own little world when I compose. One of my other hobbies is cooking. I was always helping my mom cook at home. I love making simple and complex foods. The great benefit to cooking is that my brothers always do the dishes.

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