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Five years ago, over 100, 000 people showed up to hear the Good News at the Luis Palau ('61) Festival. That weekend, more than 20,000 volunteers from different churches, schools, government organizations and businesses put hands and feet to the gospel message by engaging the physical needs of people in the City of Portland.

"This is the largest, most sustained successful volunteer effort the Portland region of has ever seen" - Mayor Sam Adams

"If you take the gospel seriously, you can't retreat and hide. You have to engage and serve. The church needs transformation as much as the city does." - Alumnus Dr. Rick McKinley ('95)

Ever since the Luis Palau Festival, thousands of volunteers from churches, schools and businesses have taken up the banner and continue to serve all over the city throughout the year. To be more involved or find out more about this Season of Service check out their website.

The Vision Statement of Season of Service:

We stand as the church of Portland united under our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we seek to make disciples, serve our city, and plant churches. Making disciples by helping people to embrace the work of Christ by faith, order their life around following Jesus, and stewarding their life for the Glory of God. We seek to serve our city by loving our neighbor, doing justice, showing mercy and proclaiming the Gospel. We desire to see the church reproduced through planting churches, training pastors, equipping disciples and sending the church into new places in our city for the glory of Christ. Together we pray that Jesus will transform our city for His glory and the people’s joy.

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