Koby Krikac, Passionate Academic

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Multnomah University just couldn't be what it is without its students. This post is part of a new series written by students, about students. Our hope is that prospective students can get a feel for what the student body is like and alumni can get to know who it is that they support.

Koby Krikac is a junior from Los Angeles with a heart for France.

Koby Krikac









Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Class: Junior

Major(s): Bible and Greek

What has been your best experience at Multnomah?
Immediately one might assume to say the people and fellowship; while not discrediting these because certainly I have been spurred on to love and good works, I have never been so challenged by the professors as I study and learn of our God through my studies. The sweetest moments I have spent at Multnomah has been, and take me for a nerd, in the library or in the prayer chapel when something clicks and I comprehend a little more the grace of God through Christ.

Who is your favorite professor?
This is a tricky question to answer (and dangerous in a way) however, I love nothing more than to hang out after class to imbibe wisdom and chew on the gold that comes out of the mouth of Dr. G.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I would love nothing more than to serve through teaching the Bible as a pastor; Lord-willing in France but that is up to Him. At Multnomah I am equipping myself to equip others—thus I’m studying Greek! I’m His, my life is not my own, I ready to go anywhere as He leads in this breath of life.

Any words of wisdom to incoming freshmen?
Not even a year ago did I preview, so I’m still getting in the hang of life away from home—but I would say to you, incoming freshman, to make the most of your time here in getting to know the professors, and your books, and the people. There is so much going on, there isn’t enough time to be a part of everything, simply jump on the school wagon and prepare to be punched in the face with glory. Don’t procrastinate. Have fun…and most importantly—don’t wait until you’re a senior to set the example in speech, conduct, faith, love, and purity; we need to be refreshed by your enthusiasm and zeal, to be spurred on and mutually encouraged and challenged!

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2 comments “Koby Krikac, Passionate Academic”

SO encouraging! Kobe is an inspiring man of God that spurs me and my friends on to look at the world around me and simply be in awe, and amazement at God’s hand. Awesome post.

You need to talk to Chris & Jamie Duclos. They are MU alumni who are studying at the Sorbonne. I will forward this to them.