A New Year’s Beginning

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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." - Psalm 90:12

Pastoral Reflections

Sunday I had the privilege of hearing from my pastoral staff, all Multnomah alumni, as they reflected on this past year. My senior pastor spoke excitedly about a PhD program he began this year with an emphasis in homiletics. It was encouraging to hear his enthusiasm for bringing meaning and life to the written word, and his heart to lead our church community in understanding God’s truth. My associate pastor spoke of the unique reality of living by faith, as he shared some really great highs including an unexpected all expense paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, as well as some pretty difficult lows in sharing about the lost relationship with his youngest daughter. “When you live by faith, you take what you get,” he said. My music pastor spoke of the beautiful things God brings from the brokenness of our lives as he led out in song: “He makes beautiful things out of the dust… He makes beautiful things out of us.” As I sat looking across the church, seeing stories of those represented, inventorying challenges and victories within my life this past year, I couldn’t help but think of the faithfulness of our Savior and the meaning He brings to life.

He is able to use all of life’s events to shape us in beautiful ways if we allow Him to do so. I love how the freshness of a New Year brings new perspective and how a fresh start can allow space for us to reflect upon these truths.

New Year Beginnings

The New Year brings new beginnings for us in the Alumni Department. In a few weeks our Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator, Ronnie Glazner Piehler (BS ’10) will be leaving Multnomah University to take a position with her husband, Jeremy (M Div ’13) in Draper, Utah. It has been a delight working with Ronnie and watching her blossom and grow. While I will certainly feel the loss of her absence, I am genuinely excited for what the Lord has ahead for her and Jeremy in this New Year.

Quote from Ronnie: "In November, my husband and I were offered an opportunity to serve as full time Pastor of Student Ministries and part time Ministry Liaison at South Mountain Community Church in Draper, Utah. SMCC is one of the only protestant churches in the area, so living and serving in Draper will not be unlike a cross-cultural experience. We are excited for the changes that God is going to do in and through us as we take this step of faith away from our loving church and family members for the first time. I have enjoyed serving the alumni community and look forward to continuing my support of Multnomah University as I serve in a different capacity as a Multnomah alum.”

Please join me in praying for Ronnie and Jeremy as they desire to serve the Lord in this new adventure.

Whether you are pursuing passions deep within your heart, learning more of what it means to live by faith, or celebrating the beautiful things God makes out of your life; I pray that this New Year is one filled with great opportunity for growing in your understanding of His faithfulness.

Hearts of Wisdom

My prayer for each of us in this New Year is that the Lord would continue to be at work bringing circumstances into our lives that will encourage, shape and teach us a greater dependence on Him. As we reflect upon the brevity of our days on earth let us, with Moses, pray "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom"—Psalm 90:12.

Whatever new beginnings you face this year, may you find comfort and confidence in knowing that He is present and faithful! May He use 2013 to shape you in beautiful ways.

Happy New Year!

Michelle M. Peel MA ’10, BA ‘00
Director of Alumni Relations
Multnomah University

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Director of Alumni Relations

4 comments “A New Year’s Beginning”

I am trying to get a hold of Gordan Camble, he graduated from your graduate department, back in the 1990 timeframe, give or take 2 yrs. I graduated in 1990?

Mr. Edwards, we can’t give out any information about anybody online, but if you contact the Alumni department at alumni@multnomah.edu they may be able to help you if the gentleman you’re looking for has made his information available.

Alway nice to hear from you and see your cheery face! My grandson-in-law, works in Admissions at Trinity West. U in Langley and has made trips to schools in the States. Perhaps Multnomah?

Thanks so much, Shirley! Great hearing from you as well. Trust your 2013 is off to a beautiful start 🙂