On the Flip Side – Mike Adams (Grad Cert ’85)

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Mike Adams (Grad Cert '85)

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Mike started his career as an aircraft radio technician. In 1984 he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Washington State University. He has worked as a broadcast engineer since 1987 with experience in SW transmitters, antennas, studios and Mike’s favorite – AM radio remote broadcasts.

How It All Started

In 2003 he received Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) certification as a Professional Broadcast Engineer for 20 years experience in radio.

Mike began working as a consultant with Health Communications Resources (HCR) after the 2004 Asian tsunami where they worked together with a local partner to put an Emergency FM radio station on the air in Indonesia. After seeing the value of radio after a disaster, he has worked to develop the Rapid Response Radio Unit (RRRU) that can be deployed anywhere in the world within 72 hours of a disaster.

First Response Radio

The network of participating stations is called FIRST Response and Mike has been serving as the INTL coordinator since the start. Since 2007 Mike has led Rapid Response Radio Workshops and field trials in the Philippines, India and Indonesia teaching teams to use radio in humanitarian relief for the affected communities following disasters.

A RRRU team was led by Mike into the flooded Kosi river region of Bihar, India in 2008 to establish radio broadcasts to assist the 3 Million people affected by the flood. More recently he led a team into Sumatra Indonesia following the Sept 2009 Earthquake, establishing an FM station within 5 days of the disaster.

Disaster Relief Video

Listen in as Mike describes the heart he has for his work and how he came to believe that he could make a difference.

Make Your Own Flip Side Video



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