On the Flip Side – Kathryn Dunbar (’98 MAPS)

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Kathryn Dunbar (‘98 MAPS)

Kathryn graduated from Multnomah University with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies and an emphasis in Women’s Ministries. She secured a position in the Registrar’s office at Multnomah, and worked there for four years. After studying and working at Multnomah, the Lord led Kathryn back home to Fresno. Kathryn said, “leaving Fresno to take a job at Multnomah was one of the hardest decisions to make, but returning home was almost as difficult. I created a new network of family and friends, loved my job and got involved at a church. The Lord has certainly blessed my move back.”

Alumna in Fresno, California

Since returning home to Fresno, Kathryn began attending New Harvest Church and has been involved in many ministries varying from hospitality, the church resource center, facilitating a community group and hosting a workshop for a Women’s Retreat. She is also a board member for a ministry called Dakota House. It is a ministry that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus to at-risk youth kids. They are provided with a safe and loving environment that teaches them about Jesus, respect, family. It is a community center offering after-school club, homework time, Bible studies, various trips to camps, baseball games, or other activities. Dakota House also hosts a food pantry for the neighborhood.

Fresno State University

Kathryn has loved working at Fresno State. A handful of students have even begun attending church with her!

She writes, “I know beyond a doubt, the Lord plucked me out of my previous job, to place me into this position. I get to be in an environment where many are lost and searching. My heart rejoices at being able to be His hands and feet to lead these young adults to Jesus; the only one who loves them perfectly, forgives them and can be their hope and future.”

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