Bittersweet Goodbye

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The World Needs Multnomah University Graduates

Having personally watched the impact MU graduates have on the world around them - sometimes in ministry and sometimes in the marketplace - I become more convinced of my belief that the world needs MU grads. The love and compassion they show for those around them is unsurpassed. I've gotten to watch the change in their lives as they mature and learn during their years working toward a degree. They go off and routinely become the best employees because they have hearts that serve others. They are always learning and always striving to do better.

I like to say that "Multnomah students don't go to school for a degree. Multnomah students go to make things better."

If I could give MU students a rating online like my business clients get, I would give them 5 stars!

You may have read these thoughts on my MU bio. Here's what I haven't said yet...

Robert_Leary_PR_Marketing_Portland_OregonFinal Thoughts

Today, April 5th, 2013 is my last day running Multnomah's Marketing, Web, and Communications staff. It's been a great 9 (almost) years! Here are some things I can attest to:

  • People really do love each other here
  • Students are really a cut above average humans
  • My coworkers work very hard and believe in the important mission here
  • Money is not the most important thing at MU (not even close!)
  • Faculty are more invested in students for the long-term than any faculty I've seen anywhere
  • There is no other institution doing what MU does - and certainly not nearly as well

But Most Of All

Above all of this is that I understand what it means when students and alumni talk about growth they experience at Multnomah and how it really does change lives. For you see, I did not attend or graduate from MU. I was not a part of the "Multnomah Family". I graduated from Washington State University with a degree nobody in these woods had ever heard of! I came from a background working in the newspaper industry and in sales, marketing and customer relations. I was an outsider of the highest order here. The only thing I shared with the community was my faith.

They welcomed me as a son, brother, father, cousin, and friend. I've made many friends and I can honestly tell you all today that I understand what it means to be changed for the better! My wife and kids would probably say the same thing. Not that I was all that rough to begin with, but I know that the growth my heart and soul has experienced is far more valuable to me than the intellectual growth I've had!

Thank You

So, here I am, saying goodbye to an era in my life where all of you have had more influence in my improvement than I could ever have hoped to have on you! I'm eternally grateful and will always be looking to MU with fond memories and great hope for the amazing things that are yet to come.

The world needs Multnomah. The world needs a strong and faithful Multnomah University. The world is broken and many need hope that the message and hearts and hands of Multnomah students and grads can bring.

The world needs you - so carry on faithfully and always remember that the next step will be better because of the step you're taking right now!

Forever indebted to you all,

Robert Leary

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