MU Plays a Key Role in Reno’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking

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Director of MU Reno-Tahoe John McKendricks and Awaken, Inc. saw some of the fruit of their labor this past week when Nevada's Governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill in support of sex-trafficking prevention. What began as an effort by Multnomah to minister to their community in Reno has continued to grow and flourish with real, tangible results in view.


John McKendricks, Professor Allen Battle, and of some of MU's Reno students have been working hard to raise awareness and provide assistance to sex-trafficking victims. They have done a lot of work with Awaken, Inc., an organization that ministers to the women and children who are victims of sex trafficking in their community.

A few years ago, Multnomah University Reno-Tahoe started looking for ways to minister and address local issues. It became clear fairly quickly that sex trafficking is a big problem in Reno, perpetuated by legal prostitution in the state of Nevada and a lack of laws addressing sex trafficking specifically. As Multnomah Reno-Tahoe started raising awareness, they partnered with Awaken, Inc., which has opened up opportunities for MU students to do internships and for the MU facility to host sex trafficking seminars and training events multiple times a year. McKendricks is motivated to do whatever possible to give exposure to the cause. In fact, this news clip features McKendricks and was filmed at MU Reno-Tahoe.

News 4 Awaken INC from John McKendricks on Vimeo.


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