Multnomah Education Provides Solid Foundation for This Fall’s Graduates

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Last Friday, 58 students walked across the graduation stage and received their diploma. Graduation was held at Central Bible Church on NE Glisan.

We sat down for a little Q & A with several outstanding graduates to hear more about their time at Multnomah and the impact it’s had on them.

Matthew Halbert-Howen, Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology and English

blogpic_4Q: Why did you choose Multnomah?
A: I came because I had heard great things about the professors and the Multnomah English Department. Also, Portland is a great city.

Q: What makes Multnomah’s undergrad program unique?
A: I think the school is at a good size to where the staff and faculty are really accessible and are impressively qualified. I spent significant time with Hebrew and Literature scholars who have contributed greatly to my development as a human being.

Q: How did Multnomah shape your faith in Christ?
A: Multnomah helped me to see the complexities of life with Jesus. The world is complex. The average human life is complex. Life with Christ is complex. It also gave me a strong hope, that despite the complexity, God is forever acting in love towards me and he will never leave me.

Q: How has Multnomah prepared you for your future?
A: Multnomah, through the student leadership program, gave me an opportunity to jumpstart my career as a graphic designer. I was recently hired at a print shop in Portland as a graphic designer, pretty much entirely based on my experience with the Muse magazine.

Ken Merrill, Degree Completion Program

blogpic_1Q: Why did you choose Multnomah?
A: After my wife and I returned to the States from serving four years as missionaries in Rwanda, Africa, we were between assignments and praying about possibly going to Zambia. Multnomah's emphasis on the Bible in a non-traditional college setting was a winning combination for me. The quality of the professors here is above excellent and their compassion and interest in their students truly sets them apart from other universities. They will go above and beyond to help a struggling student.

Q: What makes MU’s DCP unique?
A: In my opinion having the Bible as a foundation in every class is what makes MU distinct. There are many other schools with DCP courses and there are some with Bible classes but having a school where godly professors truly have a servant’s heart and attitude I believe is unique to MU.

Q: How has Multnomah prepared you for your future?
A: We are all called to be witnesses of the gospel to those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior. MU helped me to become much more comfortable talking with people I meet about the hope I have in Christ.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I am working with an organization that is focused on ministering to orphans and widows in Rwanda and DRC (the Congo). We are trying to set up a trade school for orphans and families that have taken in orphans in a remote area of Rwanda. The project will first set up an aquaponics training center to teach the people how to set up and operate their own aquaponics farming project to not only feed their own families but also be able to develop it into a commercial venture as a village co-op.

Eva Cruz Pena, Master of Arts in Counseling

blogpic_3Q: Why did you choose Multnomah?
A: Multnomah’s foundation is strong and that makes it a great environment for learning. The faculty and staff genuinely care about students. MU has an amazing Student Services team that labors intensively to care for the needs of the students. The department has an amazing counseling team that offers free counseling.

Q: What makes the MAC program at Multnomah unique?
A: My cohort has been instrumental in my success; it provides for a strong sense of community and support. We are there for each other, like family. We have bonded for life! We have an amazing, godly, humble and caring faculty. Our professors are also very competent, practicing counselors, doctors and pastors who are excited to share their knowledge and tools with us, but also challenge us to be better counselors.

Q: How has Multnomah prepared you for your future?
A: As I move into God’s calling for my life, I feel anchored in Him. I know that no matter what comes my way, my faith is firm and grounded. I am a better leader, teacher, preacher, pastor and counselor because of the experiences and wisdom I gained at Multnomah.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I’m stepping courageously into God’s call for my life to walk alongside women, whether in a pastor or counselor’s role, as they move towards healing and wholeness, and to participate with God in “…proclaiming good news to the poor, binding up the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives, releasing from darkness for the prisoners…and comforting those who mourn…” (Isaiah 61:1-2). However that looks like it is for God to decide. He knows. I await my orders.

Paul Schlador, Masters in Divinity

blogpic_2Q: Why did you choose Multnomah?
A: I entered ministry as a church planter in North Dakota and I needed to find a solid evangelical seminary to begin taking classes online. Also, during the application process Multnomah was excited that I had six children and assured me that my whole family would be welcome. The school even had large enough housing for us to move into for the first six months as we transitioned to Portland. Without this opportunity to live on campus we could not have made the move.

Q: What makes Multnomah’s Master's in Divinity program unique?
A: The professors and the school staff seem to be really flexible. They understand that we are all unique in what we bring to the class. I can sense that the diploma is not the real goal here. Rather, maturing, Christ-centered, passionate, pastors and leaders is the goal. Multnomah's biblical instruction is excellent with a good measure of grace. The class sizes are low and this allows you to really know the students/professors.

Q: How did MU shape your faith in Christ?
A: Attending Multnomah Seminary has strengthened my faith through deepening my understanding of God’s word. Through the rigors of the program I've had to dig deeper and strive harder to grasp the character of God. God is all about love, this love was expressed in the sacrifice of His Son for us. Seminary has forced me to live in to this reality.

Q: How has MU prepared you for the future?
A: Multnomah has honed the skills I need for ministry in the church today. The homiletics, biblical interpretation, language studies, spiritual and leadership development classes have made me a better pastor for my congregation. I also believe the seminary has forced me to evaluate what is church in relation to the culture.

Q: What is next for you after graduation?
A: I am currently beginning my second year as the pastor of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Fennimore, Wisconsin. I plan to remain in my current position. I am also planning to begin a Doctorate in Ministry program and to complete the process to become a chaplain in the Army National Guard.

We are so proud of what this graduating class has accomplished and how they've grown both academically and spiritually during their time at MU.

Join us in congratulating all of this term’s graduates!

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