Mission of Multnomah: Equipping Minds, Strengthening Hearts

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Dean of Students, Jon Mathis, shares  MU's unique approach to building a compassionate community. 


As my wife and I first walked through Multnomah's campus on a beautiful May morning, we knew we were home. It wasn't because of the beauty of the campus; although the old growth trees, green grass and the sound of birds singing were compelling. Rather, it was the strong sense of God’s spirit at Multnomah that drew us in.

I often hear people from various Christian colleges say that the school's community is what sold them on attending that specific institution. And several Christian colleges will go so far as to say that the hallmark of their institution is their community. Now, I know that there are many great communities of Christ-centered people in our world, but I have never encountered a place quite as compassionate, humble and welcoming as Multnomah.

At Multnomah you'll find yourself surrounded by people of integrity who love Jesus with all their hearts. They desire to serve him and strengthen the body of Christ to equip students for service.

Students who come to Multnomah are here because they're looking for an encounter with God and want to learn his Word and apply it in to their lives immediately. One of the primary ways in which this is played out is through relationships with our faculty. Our students get to rub shoulders with faculty all the time, whether it be sitting down and having lunch together in the cafeteria, enjoying a casual dinner in their home, cheering on the Multnomah Lions at one of our sporting events, or in their office as they pray together about a challenging life circumstance. Our faculty shares a deep sense of commitment to students' academic and spiritual well-being.

Life at Multnomah is not perfect, nor are the people who work and study here — then again, no one is. In spite of this, we share a deep sense of commitment to serving Jesus Christ as we play our role in the body of Christ for the benefit of our community and for the glory of the King. This commitment to Christ and each other is what makes the Multnomah family so valuable, and it's what keeps so many people here.We are a community of grace and truth. We are a community that meets students in vulnerable places and loves them. We are a beacon of light in a spiritually foggy city. I can think of no place I'd rather be.

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