You’re invited to MU’s free 2014 Athletics Alumni Day

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This Saturday, February 15, Multnomah Athletics is hosting a special Athletics Alumni Day to celebrate all past and current MU athletes. This event is free, and everyone – alumni, students, staff and faculty – is invited and encouraged to bring friends, family, neighbors, youth groups and anyone else who will enjoy the day. Come prepared to dive into 12 hours packed with games, competition, camaraderie and lots of fun.

David Lee, MU’s new cross-country coach, will kick the day off with a Fun Run/Walk, to get everyone excited about our recently launched men’s and women’s cross-country programs. This won’t be a competitive activity, and you don’t even have to be a runner to join. Meet at the Prayer Chapel before running (or walking) a pre-charted 5k (3.1 mile) course around the Montavilla neighborhood.

Meet in the gym for the next event. We’ll have our alumni mix with current volleyball players to form a handful of volleyball squads which will compete against each other in an open gym format.

Basketball is next on the menu. We’ll create a team of alumni (some of whom played for us back in the ‘90s!) to compete against our JV basketball team on the court.

Next, we’re going to take some well-deserved time to honor former MU basketball coach Jim Skagen. Coach Skagen served Multnomah for 23 years, and left an indelible imprint on his players and the Multnomah family. Join us in the JCA (the lobby in front of Roger's Café) for hors d’oeuvres as we celebrate the selfless service and mentorship he gave the MU community.

The day’s not over yet. This event will wrap up beautifully with a home basketball game — our Lions will be up against the Portland Bible College Wildcats. Come to the gym, and roar for your favorite feline!

Have questions about Athletics Alumni Day? Contact Tim Bieri at 503-251-6463 or

Here's the full schedule:


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