A Message from Dr. Wayne Strickland, MU’s Interim President

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Multnomah is in a time of transition. It is times like these that remind us to maintain our mission and yet move forward with innovations that allow us to be more effective in our execution of Christ’s mission for us. We must continually assess the challenges and opportunities before us. We have the rare opening to raise the outreach and impact of Multnomah.


Multnomah University

With that in mind, the trustees have launched a search for a new president to replace our recently retired Dr. Dan Lockwood. They are very encouraged by the progress and have identified several great candidates. On a personal note, Dr. Lockwood’s health is stable and he is feeling much better. He is quite active with his family and still very positive about God’s goodness in his life.

Our enrollment efforts are very critical to financial viability, and this is the core of our mission. In order to maximize the educational opportunities of as many students as possible, our admissions department is working hard to expand the number of applicants interested in Multnomah programs.

We are offering six new athletic programs as another way to increase our enrollment and make positive contributions to Multnomah community life. Next fall we will be adding men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s soccer and women’s basketball.

We continue to build our newest programs: the Business program at the undergraduate level, our Global Development and Justice program at the master’s level and our Doctor of Ministry degree at the seminary.

Perhaps the most significant development is the new commitment to better market the university. I realize that in Christian circles this can be viewed as lack of dependence on God, but we are convinced that God is using our efforts to expand His kingdom work, and that is great! In the past six months we have hired a team with significant experience and vision to help raise the awareness of Multnomah in an increasingly competitive educational landscape. We have worked hard to update the website, create new literature for our academic programs and develop marketing initiatives for our Reno and Seattle sites. Expect to see more and more of Multnomah on Facebook, on blogs and even on Instagram!

Finally, as part of our strategy, I have devoted a major part of my schedule to traveling around the country to network with Multnomah friends, alumni and even prospective students, to share the excitement of Multnomah. Over and over the friends of Multnomah share their appreciation for the transformative impact Multnomah had on their lives and the excitement they have for the university's future as we continue to innovate, yet keep our core commitment to a thoroughly biblical worldview. Continue to pray with us and support our efforts to serve our great and awesome Lord, Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory!

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