Multnomah community celebrates 80th birthday

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On February 12, graduates from almost every year of MU’s history met in the JCA Student Center. As they shared in a banquet celebration, the room was rich with stories, and the air was steeped in nostalgia.

“Being at Multnomah was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” said Alex Paterno ’11.

Bonny Lloyd ’59 agreed. “For me, Multnomah was life-changing,” she said. “I’m still teaching the Bible to young women. It’s been my life.”

University President Dr. Craig Williford addressed the importance of upholding Dr. Mitchell’s vision of loving the Savior as Multnomah continues to expand its program options. “More than ever before, the world needs MU graduates who know the Bible,” he said.


Distinguished Professor Emeritus David Needham reminded everyone to reflect on the Lord’s steadfast love over the years. “We’re here to affirm the faithfulness of God,” he said. “The God who is faithful is the God who will always love us.”

As MU moves forward in a flurry of new programs and initiatives, a time to pause and reflect on our past is a welcome oasis. “The school has come a long way,” said Mildred Dunham ’44. “My time at Multnomah was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.”

A lot may have changed, but 80 years later, one thing remains the same: Multnomah is serious about providing a life-changing education deeply rooted in God’s Word.

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Great job in putting together the 80 years Celebration. My wife, Diane and I graduated at Multnomah in the 70s and it was great to see so many there from that era (our children would call it the “stone age” and maybe they are right.) I was able to see two of my favorite teachers, Brian Gerards who directed the choir and of course David Needham, what a wonderful example of a man dedicated to God’s Word. We were joined at our table by Daniel Burnett, our oldest son, a recent grad of Multnomah’s MDiv program. Daniel is currently Directing the choir at Multnomah – that is pretty exciting for mom and dad who met while singing in the choir at Multnomah over 40 years ago. Blessings to you and your staff. Thanks again for the wonderful time and the memories.